12WBT February 2014 Round Winners

Our 12WBT members are absolute legends. The February Round team got in there, did the work and got some stellar results, so we wanted to highlight 10 12WBTers who have blown us away with their transformations and support of their team mates.

12WBT HERO: Leonie AKA 77Noni

Leonie strutting her stuff in the ONEactive fashion parade at the 12WBT Summer Festival.

Leonie’s not only lost a whopping 50 kilos, but she’s also been an inspiration to the 12WBT community. She hasn’t let anything hold her back, and has continuously encouraged her fellow teammates to train hard and reach their goals.

12WBT HERO: Catherine AKA Miss_Turtle


Miss_Turtle is a hero in the Forums to many – she’s always on hand to make sure people feel included, and give them extra support when they need it. Despite living in WA she made the trip to Sydney to do the bridge climb with fellow 12WBTers…and she’s hitting Melbourne later this year. Cath’s done all this AND lost 23 kilos!

12WBT HERO: Kevin AKA KevieD


KevieD’s not only an enthusiastic member on the Forums, but in real life he’s a total inspiration to those around him, keeping them uplifted and up early for workouts! He also lost an amazing 18kg in the February Round. Go KevieD!!

12WBT HERO: Trina AKA Sppac


Trina’s been called an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She supports a Cambodian orphanage and raised funds for them by getting her friends to sponsor her shedding 15 kilos on 12WBT…amazing stuff!

12WBT HERO: Emily-Jayne AKA Emily Jayne


Emily-Jayne is a powerhouse who was nominated for constantly challenging herself and those around her to be the best version of themselves. She’s always on hand with words of support and encouragement, but most importantly inspires those around her with her own actions and can-do attitude.

TRANSFORMATION: Sarah AKA sarah_cb30


Talk about turning your life around! Sarah started the February Round hiding from herself under a mountain of chocolate. Despite caring for two children and a hubby she’s lost almost 20 kilos and feels like a brand new woman.



Tamika joined 12WBT after seeing her sister’s results, and boy she’s glad she did! At the start of the Round she weighed in at 120 kilos and during the 12 weeks lost almost 20 kilos and looks (and more importantly, feels) amazing!

TRANSFORMATION: Kathie AKA kathie2510


At 52 Kathie had a tonne of excuses as to why she couldn’t get fit and healthy….sore back, aching knees…and she busted through every single one of them, to lose over 13 kilos this Round and smash it out of the park!

LEAN & STRONG: Melissa AKA cleaneating-mel


This Round Mel joined Lean & Strong and totally killed it!! Not only did she get some seriously awesome results, she walked 60km for cancer research. Way to go Mel!

LEAN & STRONG: Georgina AKA Georginaresolute37


Georgina’s shown herself to be a true 12WBTer: despite starting the Round with a stress fracture she couldn’t be stopped and kept on going to get seriously Lean & Strong. Georgina has strengthened both mind and body!

Kick start your own transformation and join the 12WBT team today!  

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