Belinda’s 12WBT Story: “It’s not a Diet, it’s a Lifestyle”


Number of Rounds: 4

Kilos Lost: 64kg

When Belinda found herself manoeuvring into a theatre seat – and sitting squashed awkwardly for hours – she decided on the spot that enough was enough!

“I went to the theatre with my sister and had to wedge myself into the seat and stay there all night. I was so uncomfortable that I told her then and there that I was never going anywhere else until I’d lost some weight!”

“I can’t remember ever being a healthy weight”

“I’ve always been big,” says Belinda, now 34. “I can’t remember ever being a healthy weight. A sedentary job, having children and emotional eating – celebrating with food and commiserating with it – all contributed to my weight gain.”

But it took one more incident to inspire her to sign up for 12WBT. “The final motivating factor came when a friend asked me to be her bridesmaid. There was no way I was going to have people looking at me in a bridesmaid’s dress while I weighed over 100kg.”

“So with that deadline looming I had to get serious and do something. I’m delighted to say that I now weigh less than when I started high school.”

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Losing Weight to Run a Half Marathon

“As my confidence increased I started doing classes. I mainly did pump – if you’re carrying a lot of weight, this is a good class to start with as it isn’t too bouncy or high impact and you can’t really go wrong. Getting through these classes gave me a real sense of achievement,” says Belinda.

“As my fitness increased and my weight loss slowed down, I needed something to aim for. I’m the sort of person who struggles if I don’t have a goal, so I decided to aim high and set myself the task of running a half marathon. I ran my first half marathon in two hours and 28 minutes!”

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“The numbers on the scales have gone down and I have to eat well and work hard to get there. My next challenge is a triathalon. Cycling on the road and getting my swimmers on in public freaks me out a bit, but I have to challenge myself not only physically, but mentally as well!”

Belinda’s Secrets to Successful Eating

One tiny trick helped Belinda change her eating habits forever. “I used to eat ridiculously large portion sizes. So at the beginning of my 12WBT, I bought smaller bowls and plates to trick my mind into believing there was more on the plate until my body got accustomed to eating what I really needed.”

She also swears by being organised. “I’ve always been a planner. If I go to the supermarket without a list then naughty things magically appear in my trolley! But 12WBT Shopping Lists have helped me stop falling prey to specials and just-in-case purchases, and have actually saved money on my weekly grocery bill.”

A self-confessed diet soft drink addict, Belinda broke her habit and replaced it with water. “I drank eight litres of Diet Coke a day and would even have a glass if I woke up in the middle of the night! Now I drink water.”

“If you want to succeed, portion sizes and weighing food is important, and drink water. Stick to a calorie limit and if you can get the food under control you’re already half way there.”

12WBT “is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”

Belinda says the changes she’s made with 12WBT are for life. “You have to be mindful – there’s no point celebrating losing weight at the pancake parlour or eating a doughnut on the way home from the gym.”

“But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing – you can’t be 100% perfect, it’s unrealistic. If you have a bad breakfast, you haven’t undone the rest of the day! Before 12WBT I could only start a ‘diet’ on a Monday and, if I stuffed up, would wait until the next week to try again.”

“I’ve learnt through 12WBT, that this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle and it has to be forever.”

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  1. Hi Belinda – one of your comments really resonated with me. Starting on Monday and if I “stuffed up” would wait until next week. That made me smile as if I am honest with myself that is what I have done for so long. No longer! Well done on your half marathon, what an achievement.

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