Get to Know our 12WBT Experts: Daniel Swanbury, Fitness Lead


Last month we posted the first in a new blog series, taking you behind the scenes at 12WBT HQ and introducing you to our rockstar team of experts. You’ve met dietitian Chantelle Curtis-Latchford, now it’s time to say g’day to an all-round fitness hero!

Name: Daniel Swanbury

Position: Fitness Lead

The Sporting Weekend Warrior

Daniel Swanbury is a total fitness nut. As the fitness lead at 12WBT HQ, he’s advised us on everything from staying healthy while travelling and the reasons you can’t stop eating to how to cope when your bloke is losing weight and you’re not. As a youngster Dan was obsessed with health and fitness, so studying a Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science) and Certificate III and IV in personal training was a natural move. He was also a Fitness First gym instructor and personal training manager before joining the 12WBT family.

What he does day-to-day at 12WBT: “I’m responsible for everything fitness-related for 12WBT, including the programs, the exercises, the content of workout videos – and I have a team of program writers and a technical editor. To sum it up, I do something I love and get to talk about and examine fitness all day every day!”

Favourite thing about working for 12WBT: “The best thing is the impact on people’s lives, both 12WBT members and staff. Obviously our members get some amazing results, but even the staff change when they come on board. Having such an active workplace – with weekly workouts, people doing marathons and swimming challenges – is awesome and it seems to rub off.”

Mantra: “I can, so I will, so I am.”

What Dan’s most proud of: “Being healthy. It’s a true achievement in today’s world to be a healthy, fit and strong individual. I’m proud to be all these things.”

 How he prioritises his health and fitness: “Sport. I play a lot of sport and love it – cycling, rugby league, Oztag – I’ll try almost anything! Health and fitness always comes first. I know how good it makes me feel, so I make it happen and everything else is prioritised around it.”

How he likes to sweat it out: “I cycle in summer and play footy in winter. You might find me cycling the coast road to Wollongong, NSW – the ride back to Sutherland has some nice challenging hills! When autumn rolls around, the rugby league season starts, so you’ll find me training with the team, in the gym and on the occasional bike ride.”

Dan’s perfect day: “An early ride down the South Coast with my dad or brother to meet family or friends for breakfast before riding back to Sydney. Then have some mates over for a barbecue in the afternoon.”

Favourite childhood memory: “Summer holidays camping with family friends. It was really fun, there were so many kids around so there was always someone to hang out with and always something to do between bikes, the beach, barbecues and exploring.”

 Favourite comfort food: “Pizza, I love pizza – best food ever.”

Favourite 12WBT recipe: Chicken with Molho Campanha


Favourite weekend activity: “I’m a weekend warrior and always playing some form of sport.”

Must-read blog: DC Rainmaker

One thing we may not know about Dan: “I can play the guitar and the trombone!”

 Top 3 songs to work out to:

Top 3 songs to relax to:

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2 thoughts on “Get to Know our 12WBT Experts: Daniel Swanbury, Fitness Lead

  1. hi I would like to request that the moving with moving with mish videos and other similar length fitness videos be increased in variety. I do not do the static workout guide days preferring to follow a video for ease and simplicity , makes me keep up to the pace!

    1. Hi Kate,

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

      We are always looking for new ways to improve the program, so we will most definitely take your experience on board 🙂

      Have a great day,

      12WBT Support Crew

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