Not Motivated to Exercise?

“Not motivated to exercise? Frankly neither am I lot a lot of the time. So just switch off, shut up, and get on with it!” – Michelle Bridges

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2 thoughts on “Not Motivated to Exercise?

  1. All those things you say you don’t like or can’t do will be things of the past if you become a 12wbter. You can learn to use the website it is really easy and we are never to old to learn, you will come to love exercise and believe it or not you will actually look forward to it. By the time you finish one round there will be no more wobbles on the bike and you will be running to the gym lol. Have a go you will love it I have. Hey someone once told me “there is no such thing as can’t the only thing we probably can’t do is fit an elephant into a bird cage” they continued to tell me that day they ran that 5 km they always said they couldn’t do. See you online : )

  2. HI Michelle,
    Can you please explain a bit about your program. Im not terribly good with the computer and my understanding is that I need to be able to get stuff via the internet. I don’t like going to the gym – have tried in the past and failed miserably.I do walk sometimes and have a bike – bit wobbly still, only got back onto it last week after about 40 odd years!
    Would appreciate any info that you can provide for me.
    Thanks, Julie

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