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Podcast: How Michelle Bridges pioneered the way of online fitness

Starting out from instructing a fitness class at the age of 14, Michelle Bridges quickly became a household name as one of Australia’s first celebrity personal trainers. Listen to the podcast below on what she’s learnt as a leading fitness expert and entrepreneur over the past 35 years, and her passion behind pioneering Australia’s original body transformation program.

There’s sweat flying everywhere at the Alice Springs YMCA as a young teen instructor cheers the class through their workout. Michelle Bridges is learning how to bring the heat, honing her craft as the motivator-in-chief for people looking to turn their lives around.

Michelle had been teaching fitness classes and entering bodybuilding competitions while she was living in the desert with her then boyfriend.

She was building a small yet loyal following – but she was a big fish in a small pond, the city was calling.

By the time Michelle drove over the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the age of 26, she was on the path to becoming a trainer on TV’s The Biggest Loser, a best-selling author, and a pioneer of her highly successful online fitness program, 12WBT.

Tune into how Michelle Bridges turned her passion for health and fitness into a thriving career, how 12WBT was born, and what she has learnt after more than three decades in the fitness industry.

Listen to the Curveball Podcast:

This episode of Curveball was produced by Grace Pashley and edited by Travis Vetier. Executive producers are Rachel Fountain and Kellie Riordan.

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