Members Reveal their Secrets for Success

At the end of each round, we always ask members to nominate either themselves for a Top Transformer award, or another member for a 12WBT Hero award. Our March End of Round Award winners knocked our socks off with their transformations and commitment to the program, so we asked them to share their tips, achievements and new habits!

Top Transformers

Shannon (aka shannon_initiative36)

Shannon before and after

Proudest Physical Achievement

I can fit into pants i haven’t fit into ever, I can do push ups for 30 secs – historically I struggled to do one!

New Habits

I cook from home every night and take a packed lunch so I am accountable for my calorie intake! I even have saved money so I can spend it on some awesome new clothes.

Sherrin (aka Shez_mummyof3)

Before and after 2

Proudest Physical Achievement

I am most proud of my fitness score. When I started in December it was 13 and now it’s currently sitting in the 50s. I also completed the 7km Mother’s Day Classic and just signed up for the 14km City2Surf in August. Love my running! I never would have ever thought I would say that.

New Habits

Weekly meal and exercise plan is the key for me. As a busy mum of 3, I have to be organised and stay on top of things. Exercise is now a huge priority for me, housework can wait…exercise is a must!

Doreen (aka doreen_social18)


Proudest Achievement

My main achievement, which I am so thankful for, is my mind. My thoughts about eating are completely opposite. I no longer have a desire for bad food or eating more than my body needs. So many other things are more important to me now. I am truly free.

New Habits

My habit that helped changed my mood was listening to music (doing it now) night and day. I love it. Helps the mood, feelings and motivation. I can’t stress enough how much this process took my mind off food and made me feel better.

Michelle (aka Mischa1)


Proudest Mental Achievement

Life continues to throw up challenges whether you are fat or thin, fit or a couch potato. The last six months have been no different. The structure of the 12WBT was fantastic for getting me through some really challenging times – I had to do the exercise, I had to plan the meals. I had to JFDI!

New Habits

If planning to eat out I read menus online so I can work out a good option and allow for it in my calorie intake for the day. I start most days with a workout. It’s a great feeling knowing that the hard work is done and out of the way.

Ann (aka ann_triumphant26)


Proudest Physical Achievement

I’m very proud of losing over 12kg to date and over 29cm. Things I’ve mastered include attending a Tae Kwando class, regular daily dog walking and cycling to work.

New Habits

I’m very organised with food, reviewing recipes and ensuring we have food, recipes for the whole week and tasty snacks. My lunches are packed the night before so there’s no temptation to buy less healthy alternatives at work. We eat a lot at home but when out for food we now consider our choices and control portion sizes.

Colleen (aka colleen_amaze99)


Proudest Physical Achievement

Weight loss! I’ve lost 22 kgs. I’m now a gym junkie who loves RPM classes. Amazed at how much energy I now have and how strong I feel. Funniest result is that my wedding ring often goes flying off my finger when I’m doing chores!

New Habits

Best achievement is stopping constant snacking. Most helpful to me is tracking, and Tighten Up Tuesdays, which I’ll continue to implement. I have fallen in love with exercise and will continue daily to avoid becoming an unhealthy, lazy, frail couch-potato.

12WBT Heroes

Emma (aka _emma_)


Proudest Mental Achievement

I have learnt for the first time in my adult life to accept me for who I really am – no more trying to be the person I think everyone wants me to be. I now have the confidence to approach new situations and voice my opinion and I finally feel like a valued part of my world.

New Habits

Each round I do I learn more and more about myself. Just when I think I I have learnt all I can – boom – another lesson comes my way. I am proud of myself for committing to this journey and will be forever grateful for the weight I have lost but even more so for the person I have become.

Laura (aka Laura151)


Proudest Physical Achievement

I am so proud that I set myself a goal of 10 kilos in the round. In week 11 I achieved that goal. I was singing from the rooftops. But the thing I am most proud of is that I love exercising now and my day doesn’t feel complete without it. My 4 and 6 year old boys love it too. They often get involved and encourage me.

Proudest Mental Achievement

The biggest mental achievement for this round is breaking my night time sugary snack habit. I had developed a habit when I was pregnant with my youngest of eating lots when my toddler went to bed at night. I swapped that with exercise and it was a great way to distract me at the beginning of the round.

Jasmine (aka jasmine_81)


Proudest Mental Achievement

I feel like I have gained power over my sugar cravings. Over the last three months there has been so much opportunity to cave in and eat food that’s not good for me, and every time I said no I felt myself getting stronger. This understanding that I don’t need to eat it anymore has been the biggest mental achievement for me.

New Habits

I started eating a decent breakfast every day and have recognised the need to ensure it isn’t skipped. Exercise has become a part of my day and my family are on board as well. With two small kids it is so important to have the support to give you the time to make it happen.

Julie (aka julie_encourage18)


Proudest Mental Achievement

I am so proud of myself – my willpower is so strong. It is my rock and every week it has grown stronger and stronger. I am so much more positive about things. I can concentrate better at work. I can deal with the stresses of work more easily. I am able to use my workouts as an opportunity to get rid of those daily stresses.

Top Tip

I kept telling myself ‘ You deserve this’, ‘You are worth it’! When things got tough that was my mantra to myself. I started to dress better and use my good China instead of keeping them in the cupboard. I started to wear my good shoes to work. Each week I set a mini goal, and treated myself to a new top, or manicure – it didn’t have to be expensive, just a little something just for me.


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6 thoughts on “Members Reveal their Secrets for Success

  1. Just wondering would like to do this with my daughter who is 15yrs old – would the food plans be any good for her on school days ? As she has no microwave or kitchen at school to prepare lunches cheers

    1. Hi Rebecca – Michelle has designed her program around eating really nutritious foods and moving 6 days a week. For young teens, this might mean going for a walk (if you have a dog, added bonus!), joining a sport, riding your bike, going to the pool, climbing on playground equipment, or something like that. Your daughter is still young and still growing, so the activity she can do is very different to our adult members. Adults’ bones have stopped growing and they are able to lift weights and do gym workouts, for children/teens still growing, this can be quite dangerous and can cause problems for growing bones.

      In terms of your food, young people’s energy requirements are quite unique. Height and activity levels are crucial factors in determining energy requirements. Kids typically use and burn more energy than adults. Working out how much energy your body needs (to be able to lose weight) and stay healthy is very complex. We suggest you have a chat to your doctor and/or a dietitian. They will decide if this is the right program for your daughter. Any person under the age of 18 must get their parent’s permission to participate in the 12WBT, so you can make the call after you speak to your GP.

      In the meantime, we suggest your daughter gets outside and moves. Jump on a bike or go for a long walk. Swap soft drink for water and avoid lollies, chips and packets of food. For food, get her to try try weetbix and banana for breakfast, an apple for morning tea, a salad sandwich for lunch, an orange for afternoon tea and some meat and steamed vegetables for dinner. Move and eat healthy!

      Hope this helps!

      12WBT Support Crew

  2. When the May round finishes can we roll over to the next 12 weeks or do we need to sign up again. My partner and I have loved the program and want to continue.

    Mark and Di

    1. Hi there – So glad to hear you loved the program! You do need to sign up to each individual round you’d like to join. Our next round is the August round beginning the 1st of August, with Pre-Season already underway.

      Look forward to having you on board again 🙂

      12WBT Support Crew

  3. Hi
    I have a party to go to on Saturday so I’m keen to start on Monday. Do I sign up Sunday night and is there a July challenge to kick me up the ass please

    1. Hi Tracey – Our next round begins the 1st of August. However, you can sign up now and start to do the Pre-season tasks. Once you sign up you’ll begin to receive your Meal and Exercise Plans, which you will receive weekly throughout the round. Please feel free to check out our website here: or shoot us an email with any other questions you might have –

      Hope to have you on board Tracey!
      12WBT Support Crew

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