Terri’s 12WBT Story: “I’ll Never Go Back to the Way I Lived Before”

Number of Rounds: 4

Kilos Lost: 43

Inspiration to Join 12WBT: 

A yo-yo dieter for many years, Terri was finally ready to make a change that would last longer than the latest fad. But with that, came changing her mindset! Terri explains, “When you’re carrying so much extra weight and it’s a struggle just to walk, or do up your shoes, you don’t think ‘I’m going to run one day, or do burpees, or get up at 5am to work out’. But now I do!”

Turning Point: 

Terri’s now got a lust for life she never had before – and she’s loving it! “I’m a totally different person to the one I was a year ago. My whole outlook on life has changed. Everything I do and think, I look at differently now. I no longer think “I can’t do that’, I think ‘I’m going to try that and if I fall on my arse I’m going to get up and try it again’”.

Biggest Motivator:  

“My husband and I went to Europe last year and we walked for hours everyday. There’s no way I could have done that trip, with him and enjoyed it had I not lost the weight.” Terri knows she’ll never go back to the way she lived before. “I’ve dieted a lot over the years, and Michelle’s program incorporates everything. The whole package just works. I know I’ll never go back to where I was and I know that 12WBT has done that for me.”

Terri’s Top 12WBT Tip:

“I love the support and I love the Forums. Everyone’s so happy and has the same mindset and so positive. You need that – people that want to achieve and want to do things and try new things”.

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