We’ve Lost ONE MILLION KILOS Together!

More Than a Million

I am one seriously proud woman and have to pinch myself even writing this … But today on the blog I want to announce something pretty damn amazing!!

My 12WBTers have officially lost ONE MILLION KILOS! 

We couldn’t have done it alone. No flippin’ way! My team are a family – we start together and finish together and TOGETHER we have lost a mind-blowing million kilos.

We’ve made a special More than a Million page on the 12WBT website where you can take a journey through the 12WBT story, and read about some of my 12WBTers who have changed their lives. Make sure you visit it!

It’s About More Than A Million

12WBT is not just a weight loss program – it’s a total, full-blown, change-your-life program that goes far beyond 12 weeks. My team have used the Exercise and Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, online forums and rock-star support crews to make healthy changes to their lives (and bodies!).

A million kilos lost is astounding whichever way you look at it, but the real triumphs have been what my 12WBTers (new and old!) have achieved. They are a seriously inspiring bunch of people.

It’s Time to Celebrate – And Win Some Great Prizes!

So this week, the celebrations are HAPPENING! On Facebook you can change your profile picture to SHARE THE LOVE – the one million kilo love!

We also have a special competition. Yep, I KNOW there’s more than a million ways to get healthy – and I want to see how you get healthy on Instagram. Tag your pics with #1millionkg for a chance to share in some awesome prizes.

You can also download desktop wallpaper for your computer and special artwork featuring some of my favourite sayings.

The past four and a half years have been truly amazing, and there is MORE to come!

Join my June Round now and be a part of the next million!

Mish Xx


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