20 Minute Bedroom HIIT Workout

Short on time or bored with the monotony of your usual routine? Not excited by the idea of hitting the gym for an hour’s workout? Don’t sweat it! Just put on your favourite activewear, a cracking playlist and hit the bedroom floor for this 20-minute HIIT workout! You’ll burn an impressive amount of calories and get those endorphins pumping, all from your very own bedroom!

Warm Up

Arm circles forwards – 10 reps |  

Arm circles backwards – 10 reps | 

Jogging on the spot – 1 minute |  

Jumping jack – 20 reps |  


Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds before moving straight on to the next exercise.

Rest for 1 minute between rounds. 

Complete 2 rounds all up for a full-on sweat sesh, or even 3 if you’re feeling game!

Sergeant sprawls |  

HIIT workout

Push ups |  

HIIT workout

Squat jumps | 

HIIT workout

Mountain Climbers |

HIIT workout

Crunch bicycle | 

HIIT workout

Ski jumps |

HIIT workout

 Spend 5 minutes cooling down and doing a full-body stretch to end your workout!

This HIIT workout can be completed from just about anywhere. On alternate weeks, I love hitting the local park for a healthy burst of vitamin D.

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