5 Tips You Need To Know Before You Start Running

Reviewed by: Erica An, APD, BNutr&Diet

When you start running, the adventure can seem pretty overwhelming at the beginning. There’s so much information on hand and ways to set yourself up for success.

Like any approach to a new form of exercise, it’s important to make sure that you are sensible about what your current fitness levels are, gear up for the type of activity that you are focusing on and have a plan in place.


Here are 5 tips to get you ready to start running:

1. Warm up/ Cool Down:

Having warmer muscles and being present with the intensity of the run can help to prevent injuries and sharpen your focus during the session.

Cooling down to follow, allows your heart rate to drop gradually and stretching can assist with tightness/soreness and again, injury prevention.


2. Hydration:


Newbie runners can often neglect just how much water is optimal for health and performance with this type of training. It’s imperative to keep on top of your hydration levels when you embark on your new adventure, which includes before, during and after your run for maximum results.

Monitoring your intake can help you to gauge how much you are able to drink while on the go and your recovery post workout.

3. Technique:


Poor form can impact both your performance in terms of your gait and pace as you progress with your running and this can directly correlate to how you breathe too.

Your head, shoulders and back should be erect. Hunching and slouching prevents breathing properly, leading to compromised technique and a decrease in progress.

Pay attention to deep belly breathing to help prevent those nasty side stitches!


4. Follow a Program:


Intervals of running and walking with relevance to your own level of fitness/experience, is a great way to begin building up your distance.

Overdoing it can be all too easy to do and it’s common for new running enthusiasts to increase their efforts too quickly.

Having structure with a comprehensive plan, inclusive of running drills and strength work lays a fantastic foundation.

There are plenty of tools and programs to help you navigate the best approach for you.

Check out our Learn to Run Program here


5. The Right Gear 



Priority, happy feet!

When you start running, choosing the right shoe is extremely important and can result in underperforming or injuries if poorly picked. Find a good pair of trainers to support your runs and make sure to replace them in a sensible time frame after clocking up mileage!

Next up, your clothes. Fashion isn’t a big deal, but the fabric you wear can offer breathable airy runs vs. nasty sticky ones! Nylon is a popular breathable fabric, but depending on your budget, there are heaps of specific garments to choose from.

For the ladies, invest in a good quality sports bra to keep the girls in place for comfort.


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