These 8 Tiny Moves Get Big Results

A common myth surrounding exercise is that smaller, low-impact movements don’t get the same results as a big, sweaty workout.

This simply isn’t true! Here are 8 smaller movements that can be almost anywhere and deliver awesome results.

Hip Raises


These work the butt and hamstrings. These can be done with either both feet down or with a single leg for a more intense version.

Sumo Squats


A great way to work the butt and inner thighs. For more of a challenge, hold a dumbbell at your chest to add more weight to the movement.

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Wall Sit


A terrific way to build up strength/endurance in the legs without impact. Looks easy, but tougher than you think when you hold for lengthy periods.



An integral movement to any structured exercise plan involves training the lower back and glutes.

These are awesome in hitting the back of the body to balance out the amount of forward posture that we adopt throughout the day.

Fancy Planks


Planks are king of the core and with the endless ways to perform these, why not raise the bar with the level of how you do them and add a little movement to your holds.

Core Rotations


These are deceptively harder than they look. As you’re sitting upright with everything engaged, you are working your entire core through the exercise for a super great hit!

Try lifting your feet for the next level!

Scissor Crossover


Looks simple, but here you are working your abs like you wouldn’t believe!

This is a great way to switch the lower abs on and different to a traditional crunch.

Kneeling Core Balance


An all rounder for great core focus and working on balance simultaneously.

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