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I Created Australia’s First-Ever Bloke’s Only Weight Loss Program: Here’s Why

Aussie men are quietly losing the weight loss battle. While it seems, up till now, hundreds of healthy meal and fitness plans cater to women. Does this mean we care less about our men? Absolutely not! There’s a market imbalance that’s due to a bloke’s more common unwillingness to seek weight loss help, or help in general. We’re tough, us Blokes, but that doesn’t mean that we’re undeserving of a support network or building better health and fitness habits. And so, the 12WBT Blokes Only weight loss program was born.

The stats

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 70 per cent of Australian men are overweight, compared to 56 per cent of women. These extra kilos put men at risk of a whole host of health concerns. This includes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea and infertility — to name a few. There are so many reasons why men are carrying extra kilos, and so many reasons why there’s a perception that healthy lifestyle programs are for women-only. This was a barrier I wanted to break down. 

Introducing ‘Blokes Only’

The Bloke’s Only program offers a helping hand to every single bloke out there. My goal is to enable a powerful, healthy change in their lifestyle. The Blokes Only program is backed by my 17 years experience in the health and fitness industry, where I’ve predominantly focused on strength and conditioning. Our program is packed with nutritious, fun meals, mindset lessons, and most importantly, there’s the freedom from ‘one-size-fits-all’ workouts. In my weight loss program, blokes can rely on training specific to their physiology for maximum results. Oh, and we’ll have a good time doing it!

This program is designed for the bloke that has never stepped foot into a gym, who is unsure where to start with a workout and who to ask. And when it comes to the kitchen, let’s just say you’ll wonder why you haven’t been cooking all this time. We also welcome men who used to live an active, healthy lifestyle but have lost their mojo. Let’s get you Blokes back into great physical condition, with a fitness level you can be proud of.  

Overcoming our limits

So many men I know have developed a negative relationship with things like healthy eating and exercise. This is because they view these things as a chore as opposed to something they want to do to feel good. Alongside this internal ‘perceived effort’ factor, a lot of other men will say that cost is a barrier to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A busy lifestyle is another. So let’s address these:

  • My program is cheaper than most gym memberships, and there’s no joining fee.
  • The workouts can be done at home, without hassle, or in the gym.
  • You’ve got 24 hours in your day, so a 30-minute workout, 3-4 times a week isn’t asking for much.
  • All the meals are quick and simple to make. We’re not looking at fussy food here, we’re looking at pub and takeaway food influences. This includes curries, burgers, pizzas and more.

It comes down to our priorities. As we get older, we’re less likely to prioritise our health and fitness. So make it a priority, by focusing on your ‘why’ and what your health goals are. It might be playing in the park with the kids, being able to go for a run, or just performing everyday tasks better. My program will re-train your brain, shaping you into a strong and confident bloke that’s healthier and happier. Learn to make healthy choices for yourself. See the impact it has on your whole lifestyle, and the lifestyle of those around you. We’ll find exercises you’ll love doing, and we’ll treat your body to fresh food. Those scale numbers are going to drop quick fast, so let’s rock fellas!

Visit me and the team at to learn more about my Blokes Only program or to sign up.

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