These Exercises Burn the Most Calories in a Short Time


Working on your fitness level or weight management is only one of the zillion things on our ‘to do’ list most days! Sometimes we just need an intense hit of exercise that will burn stacks of calories and pump up some endorphins whilst keeping it timely.

Remember to always warm up ahead of an intense workout and do a good stretch when you’re done.

Here’s 10 supercharged calorie blasters that are a guaranteed melting pot for fat loss!

Try 10 – 20 reps of each exercise, and repeat the circuit 5 times for an AWESOME full body workout.

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bodyweight slider workout

Push Ups

slider workout Beginners


Turkish Get Ups



 Mountain Climbers



Plyometric Lunges

bodyweight bodyweight


Mishy Makers



Box Jumps

Box Jump HIIT Exercise Image


Plyo Ice Skaters


 Jump Squats

HIIT workout



Skipping Exercise Jump Image

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So there you have it!
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