Fitness Fun for Fathers!


12WBT trainer Fit Tim trains with his daughters Mia and Eve

For all the dads out there who make the excuse they can’t train because of the kids, I say you have to get fit to keep up with the kids, and here’s how you do it.

Take the kids to your local park. An athletics track is ideal, otherwise any park where there’s a big enough clearing to make a 10m x 10m square. Mark each corner with a jumper, nappy bag, drink bottle or any other marker that’s clear (but don’t use the stroller – it’s too big and you might crash into it). Put the kids in the middle of the square or somewhere you can keep an eye on them.


Eve and Mia make great weights

Warm up with some jogging, skipping and active stretches around the 10m x 10m square. Once you’re warm, execute the following workout:

• Corner 1 – sprint to corner 2.
• Corner 2 – drop and do 10 push-ups, jump up and shuffle sideways to corner 3.
• Corner 3 – drop and do 10 full sit-ups, jump up and run backwards, flicking your heels towards your butt, to corner 3.
• Corner 4 – drop and do 10 mountain climbers, shuffle sideways to corner 4.
• Corner 1 – drop and do 10 burpees, with or without the push-ups.


Eve shows dad how to do a Push-up!

Rest for one minute, grab a drink, give the kids a kiss and tell them to say ‘Ready Set, Go’ for the next round. While you’re running between cones, teach them the mantra ‘Go Super Dad!’ (that’s my favourite but you can make up your own).

Repeat the circuit 3-10 times.


Chasey is a great way to get the kids on the run…

The kids will love it and you’ll never be more than a 2 second sprint away.

You can do this circuit or something similar next time you take the kids to the park. A workout like this will give you more energy for fathering in general, teach the kids that exercise is fun and can be done anywhere, and most importantly score a few points with Mum. It’s a win-win-win situation.

So enjoy planning and doing your Fit Fathers workout!

Fit Tim

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