Can’t Get Up In The Mornings? Do This Lunchtime Workout Instead

Reviewed by: Tim Pittorino, BHSC

You could while away your precious lunchtime minutes by joining the end of the stagnated queue lining up for tired looking sammies or burnt coffee…OR you could make a decision that your energised, fit, strong and healthy future bod will be celebrating for years to come!

 Lunchtime Workout

Why opt for the midday burn?  Here are just a few select benefits of prioritising pumptime at lunchtime…it:

  1. Boosts your mood and energy levels
  2. Improves your long-term health outcomes
  3. Increases motivation to use your restricted training time more efficiently and effectively
  4. Decreases stress and improves alertness, problem-solving abilities and productivity
  5. Assists in making better food choices
  6. Saves you time and frustration given there are less peeps exercising at lunch time (and minimal opportunities for those who like to park on your fave workout station to check their phone)
  7. Heightens your appreciation of your morning sleep-ins and your free’d up evenings
  8. Minimises the risk of developing ‘Secretary Butt’ and other sedentary-related ailments

Try this quick and super simple park workout video:



Looking for something different? This quick bodyweight circuit will hit the spot!

Quick bodyweight circuit


Walk + jog for 5 mins (to warm up), then walk + sprint intervals for 5-10 mins between trees/power lines/driveways etc. either around the block or to a nearby park.

Take 2 minutes to mobilise ankles, knees, hips, wrists and shoulders, then stretch and shake out calf muscles, achilles, hamstrings, quads, chest and back. Finally, find a sturdy step or park bench to work off, make sure you have drinking water handy, then commit to giving your all!  Allocate 15 minutes try to do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of the following circuit…with solid form!

  • Jump up onto the bench (both feet), then step down slowly (alternate feet) x 10, followed by
  • Wide grip push ups with hands on the bench (feet on ground) x 10, followed by
  • Close grip tricep dips off the bench (butt close to hands and hands directly underneath shoulders) x 10, followed by
  • Single leg seated squats off the bench x 5 each side, followed by
  • L-sit attempts with straight arms (hands directly under shoulders), draw core in, up and back to see if you can lift hips, knees and feet up.  If you’re strong enough in your core and quads try extending both legs out straight into an ‘L’ shape x 5

Either jog or walk at a steady pace back to the office for 5-10 mins and repeat your 2 minute stretch sequence on arrival.

That kind of energetic positivity is catching so give yourself a victory pat on the back for your efforts and share your vibe by sprinkling endorphin-dust all the way to the water cooler!

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