Stretches that Help with Digestion

Did you know, something as simple as decreasing your stress levels, by slowing down and just concentrating on deep breathing, can work wonders for your digestion and overall sense of calm?

Some signs that your digestion is working is that you feel a complete sense of elimination after each bowel movement, which leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed.

All of the exercise below are done standing as gravity is a big help when it comes to helping your food move from North to South.

Standing Knee Hugs

Alternate bringing your knees up towards your chest and gently squeeze your knee towards your chest before lowering slowly and switching sides. Pull a little tighter each rep.

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Breathing Squats To Help Your Bowels

Raise your arms up as you do a big IN-hale…Breathe out as you slowly squat all the way down so your torso is fully relaxed and supported by your thighs. This helps push everything along the different parts of the bowel, in fact a full deep squat is how we should all be pooping.

Pelvic Floor Activation 

 Activate your pelvic floor as well as your anus muscles, NOT your superficial butt/glute muscles, then slowly release them 1 at a time. This exercise will help with both bowel and bladder control. Remember to suck the smoothie, not flex your abs.

Walking To Aid Your Digestion

The bigger your meal is the longer the walk but aim for a minimum of 10 minutes.

This is the perfect thing to do after a meal, particularly dinner when people usually just flop down on the couch which slows digestion. 

Lunge with Twist 

Take a big step forward and go into a static lunge then with hands in prayer position rotate your trunk around and rest your elbow onto your knee.

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