10 Ways to Streamline Your Morning Routine

We’ve all seen those TV ads where someone sleeps through their alarm, gets up frantically, bangs their head on the sink while standing up from changing trousers after spilling coffee on the first pair, while the toast pops up burnt… yes this is called ‘one of those days’!

Let’s look at how we can minimise the fumbling and have our days kick off supercharged, organised and empowered!

10 Ways to Make Your Morning Flow

1. Go to Bed Earlier

This may seem tough with a hectic schedule, but heading to bed even 30 minutes earlier than your usual time can allow some dedicated relaxation time. This can help a restful sleep.

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2. Set Clothes Out The Night Before

What a time saver! No last minute realisation that you’ve had a laundry blunder or can only find one sock. If you have children, a lot of fuss can be avoided with this simple addition to your routine!

3. Make a List

Getting organised with lists of tasks is key to keep you get each done. Your list might include: time to shower, time for breakfast, time to check your appointment reminders/confirmations etc. and basic gathering of the bits and pieces you need for the full day.

4. Don’t Miss Breakfast

NEVER skip your breakfast! Make sure you allow enough time to do this properly, sit down and taste your meal and perhaps a hot or cold beverage (coffee lovers unite!). There are loads of mental and physical benefits to doing this, and it’s a great way to set both yourself and your loved ones, roommates or family up for a great day ahead.

5. Prep Food The Night Before

You’ve probably got your meals prepared in advance, but having each individual meal portioned and packed the night before means one less thing to do in the morning – and helps avoid getting caught in the trap of grabbing not-so-great grub on the run.

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6. Get Showered/Dressed First Thing

Getting showered and dressed first helps you focus on the rest of your morning tasks now you’re dressed and ready for the day. Kids and pets are unpredictable and can cut into our planned routines, so having a buffer of 15 minutes or so for hiccups minimises drama. If you exercise first thing, do this and then get right into the above.

7. Be The Bathroom Police

Get rid of the hundreds of containers, blunt razors and tubes of toothpaste that clutter up bathroom across Oz. Arrange your necessities in an area for quick access and avoid the clutter of almost-empty containers that can create SO much frustration.

8. Plan Your Workout

Having your itinerary for your workout, location and type the night before means when you leave the house (or workout at home) you know exactly what you’re doing. And have your exercise gear laid out the night before! 

9. Drink Water

Our bodies are largely water and being deficient here puts us on the back foot with how effective we are at firing on all cylinders!  Starting your day with a good drink of water puts the ‘boom’ into your morning and sets up a good practice for the rest of your day.

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10. Create a Playlist (And Ditch the TV)

Listening to something inspiring, funky, upbeat or even a bit silly can be AMAZING in raising you energy for your day and put you in a good mood. Maybe let each member of your household ‘DJ’ a particular morning each week to get everyone involved. Nothing like an early morning pre-brekkie dance off to get the day started!

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