One Of The Top Reasons Causing Aussies To Gain Weight

Reviewed by: Erica An, APD, BNutr&Diet

According to the Dieticians Association of Australia, two in three Australians are over weight or obese, with a growth rate of 10% more overweight Aussies than in 1995 – and that number is growing exponentially.

So why are we gaining weight?

One of the biggest reasons why we’re gaining weight comes down to snacking on processed foods – and drinking wine after dinner.

Sure, eating a convenient snack and drinking after dinner is a very effective way to relax. However, when done habitually it also leads to weight gain. This common form of self-medicating, while mentally relaxing, is not great for your cholesterol, diabetes, weight and other lifestyle conditions.

Breaking the habit

Finding alternative ways of relaxing is key. After dinner instead of reaching for a wine or a processed snack,  dim the lights, put the phone away and close the laptop – basically eradicate all stresses from the day. This will help you wind down the hungry hormones and increase your relaxation.

Other great relaxation techniques:

  1. Go for a short walk after dinner, either with the kids, your partner or by yourself, whichever relaxes you the most
  2. Find a good book – it’ll distract and relax you more than TV, and you’re less likely to want to have your treats with a good book
  3. Have a cup of tea – there is nothing more calming than a calming cup of tea at the end of a long day
  4. Mish’s favourite tip: floss and brush your teeth straight away to eradicate snacking temptations ASAP


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