Did You Make A New Year’s Resolution That Hasn’t Happened?

Yet another year is absolutely whizzing by – before we know it we’ll be smack bang in the middle of ‘Silly’ season once again! If you’re one to begin each year religiously setting goals and making (health and fitness) a New Year’s resolution, are you still in the same place now? If so, what has stopped you from making that commitment?



Huge kudos to those who are on top of their game this year! However, given that around 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail, with most of us losing resolve and motivation by mid-February, you’re more than likely to not be in the 20% that stay on track. Is that reason enough to shelve your hopes and dreams…or should you instead recommit to the challenge to shift?


Michelle often refers to ‘paralysis by analysis’, where overthinking a mental or physical challenge can ultimately result in inaction. Sometimes, and especially amidst the throes of NYE celebrations, we can set ourselves some heady and exhilarating goals that seem totally ‘doable’ at the time, but in reality, have us baulking and freezing on the spot once the hangover clears. Just because you’ve made no progress to date doesn’t mean you can’t change tack today though!


Try looking at each day as a fresh opportunity to push the reset button. Remind yourself that today is NEVER going to happen again, and take a moment to let that land. Now ask yourself, “so what will I make of it?” Visualise where you want to be by the year-end and give yourself permission to reboot. Know that the steps you take to improve your health, fitness and mindset will also benefit those who care about you and those who may depend upon you.

With this in mind, be confident in believing that it is OK to want that goal, it is ok to prioritise that goal, and it is ok to look/feel/think like a success when you realise that goal! Don’t let your mindset fool you into thinking that all hope is lost simply because you couldn’t get your motor kicking in January or February.  Now is the time, so live in the now and don’t look back. DO THE THING!

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