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10 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In The Gym

Entering any new environment can feel daunting and intimidating, and gyms are no different. Seeing people who appear to be super fit or strong or just know what they’re doing, can be enough to make even a seasoned gym goer lose confidence, let alone a new member!

However, gyms can be an amazing space to help you start achieving your health and wellbeing goals. So check out the list below which gives you 10 ways to boost your confidence in the gym, and will have you feeling at home in no time!

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  1.   Do your research

Do you enjoy training with others or coming in to train on your own? Check out what is available in your locality from larger franchised gyms; boutique gyms; personal training studios; Yoga, Pilates or Spin studios.

  1.   Organise a time to visit

This way you are free to ask questions and to be given a tour of the facility. Most gyms offer a trial period (7 days) so you can come in and get a feel for what’s on offer and to see whether it is a space where you can see yourself in.

  1.   Book an induction

If you’ve chosen to join then an induction tends to be a follow on from that initial gym appointment. It is often more detailed in nature and it might involve a gym instructor showing you how to use some of the equipment.

  1.   Dress in clothing that feels comfortable to you

It doesn’t need to be the latest activewear but wearing workout gear you love makes you want to work out and you feel good about yourself when you walk in.

  1.   Invest in working with a Personal Trainer

Working with a PT or a gym instructor who can teach you how to use equipment correctly, coach you how to execute great form and who’ll keep you on track to achieving your goals, can make a huge difference to your levels of confidence in the gym.

  1.   Have an Action Plan

An overview of your week always helps guide you as to what you need to do each day. Outline classes, gym workouts and times and enter these into your phone with reminders. That way you will always walk into the gym, with a spring in your step and your head in the game!

  1.   Off Peak times

A quieter gym, more readily available equipment and staff on hand, can all contribute to more positive initial experiences.  

  1.   Buddy up

Organise to meet a friend at the gym to do a class or a workout together. It’s always fun working out with others especially your mates!

  1.   Focus on your own workouts

We often feel as though everyone is looking at us but they’re not. The people there are focused on themselves, and you should be too. 

  1. Sign up to a gym challenge

This is a great way to get to know other gym members and will help keep you on track with regular visits and staying committed to your goals.



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