These Are the Best Breakfasts For Weight Loss

Should you choose the poached eggs on toast, or a bowl of natural muesli to start your day? Breakfasts can make or break your day – and your calorie limit.

In terms of calories, it really depends on what you’re eating. There are a few no-brainers: avoid creamy sauces, oodles of butter and sugary foods (pancakes swimming in syrup isn’t the best choice).

When it comes to nutrition, the answer is a lot more complex.

Breakfast is important as it kick starts your metabolism after a period of fasting at night. 1 in 5 Australian adults skip breakfast, making it the most commonly skipped meal of the day.

Here are some great breakfasts if you’re conscious of weight gain:

  • Poached eggs on toast with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Natural muesli with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit
  • Poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon and spinach
  • Homemade baked beans (no toast) with avocado and roast tomatoes
  • Ricotta on 1 slice toast with a drizzle of honey
  • Toasted multigrain bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • Avocado and feta on toast with fresh chilli

Skipping breakfast is related to unhealthy lifestyle habits and can make you more likely to snack on unhealthy options throughout the day as you start to feel lethargic.

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People who eat breakfast have a healthier weight than people who skip breakfast. Research also shows that eating any variety of breakfast is beneficial, regardless of which option you choose.

When choosing a breakfast option, have a think about what is in your food. If your breakfast of choice comes in a packet, have a look at the ingredients list. If sugar, fat or salt are listed in the top 3 ingredients put it back on the shelf.

Consider what is in your breakfast and ask yourself some questions:

  • Does it contain vegetables or fruit? Perhaps it is a cooked breakfast loaded with mushrooms and spinach or a natural muesli or porridge topped with berries.
  • Does it contain enough protein? This may be from milk added to muesli, eggs, beans or legumes.
  • Is it a good source of fibre? If it’s from a packet look for over 3g of fibre per serve or perhaps it contains wholegrain carbohydrates, beans or chickpeas.
  • Does it contain a source of calcium? Breakfast is a great time to add a source of calcium to your day. This may be from milk, cheeses or yoghurts added to breakfast choices.

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55 thoughts on “These Are the Best Breakfasts For Weight Loss

  1. Hi,
    My 16 year old daughter is attempting your program, however, I am finding many of the lunches are not suitable for school lunches and she doesn’t have the time in the morning for many of the cooked breakfasts . Is there a way to customise the meals for school lunches or quick / pre made breakfasts?

    1. Hi there – We suggest your daughter takes a look at the Recipe Index. With about 1000 recipes there are plenty of options! Foods like muesli and milk for breakfast or one of our tasty 12WBT sandwiches would be good options. There is always flexibility and if delving into the Recipe Index is easier, try that!

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  2. Hi, I’m 60 years old, 178 cm tall & weigh 78kgs. I attend a regular outdoor group for exercise (3 x per week) the trainer thinks I’m awesome for my age & encourages me every time!
    When I can’t get to a session, I do a 6k walk in the mornings ( when I can)
    My life is busy, I clean 3 mornings a week, care for my 8 year old grandson (4-5 days per week) as my son lost his partner last year through suicide & I also run both households( mine & my sons)
    So as you can imagine, I am stressed most days……. school pick up, work, housework etc.
    Its been 30+ years since I’ve looked after a child….. but this is why I exercise & walk because it is my time out, clears my head from all the things I do in a day!!!
    Even though I exercise & I’m on the go, I find it hard to loose weight, I eat irregular because of my busy days & I’m never sure what to eat & when too? I also have a few wines on a weekend.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get my weight down…… I’d like a typical day of what you would eat on the 12 WBT please?
    I would also like to learn to run, but don’t know were to start? I’d also love a one on one with the guru herself Michelle Bridges, but I’m sure that would be out of the question!!!!
    I need your help…… do you think this 12 BTW will work for me?
    Marjie xxxxx

    1. Hi Marjie – Wow you do sound super active and fit indeed! I am very sorry to hear about what you’ve been through with the loss of your son’s partner. This must be a very difficult time for you all and it’s very special that you are there for your grandson. It must be a lot for him to try to understand and process.

      In regards to running, as long as you have medical clearance from your doctor and no injuries, you can certainly work on learning to run. In fact we have a specific Learn to Run program that may interest you! The Learn to Run (L2R) Program is for people who have never run before or who have had a long break from running. It is appropriate for you if you have between 5 – 30kg of weight to lose, are injury free and are keen to start running and build up gradually to achieve up to 5km running non-stop.

      You’d also be following our Meal Plans for weight loss with a Calorie Level of 1200 calories per day. Our Meal Plans are fully customisable so you can easily swap any meals with other’s if you have preferences. We also have a ‘Time Saver’ option where you can filter and include meals that are quicker and easier to prepare. We have over 900 wonderful recipes to choose from. If you head here: you can explore some of our Recipes and get an idea about what a typical day may look like.

      If you’re keen to join us, there are still a few days of May 2016 Pre-Season left, so you still have time to catch up in time for when the the round commences on 2nd May 2016. As long as you can set aside an hour or so each day over the next few days to work through them, you should be all ready to get going on Monday. If you don’t manage to finish them, you’re welcome to finish them during Week 1 in parallel with starting your Exercise and Meal Plans.

      To join us for the May round please head to:

      Alternatively, June 2016 Pre-Season starts on 3rd May and the round kicks off 13th June 2016.

      During Pre-Season you are asked to complete some simple tasks to set you up for success. Members who join closer to the start of the round still need to complete their Pre-Season Tasks.

      Wishing you all the very best with your health and fitness journey and I hope that we see you on board!

      12WBT Support Crew

  3. I have my own business asa Domestic cleaner – from the time I start to the end of 2/3 clients a day I sweat and am on the go all the time – but instead of losing weight I ma gaining. I have breakfast – I stop for lunch – and end up something light for dinner. Do I need to also exercise?

    1. Hi Patricia – That’s a full on day Patricia! We do need to take into consideration our members who have very active or physically demanding jobs….essentially you’re whacking out a few workouts by default while the rest of us are stuck at our desks all day! My advice would be to track your calorie burn across a rest day for you, (to use as a control), and compare that to your calorie burn across a normal working day. The best way to do this is with a heart rate monitor; however online calculators can be pretty accurate too! (e.g. This will give you an idea of how many more calories you’re burning as a result of your line of work.

      Check this difference against the recommended calorie burns per workout, (i.e. 250-400 for women under 100kgs, and 300-450 for women over 100kgs). If you’re burning significantly greater numbers of calories consistently across your working day, then you’re going to need more than the 1200 calorie per day intake that we recommend for women looking to lose weight. Eating too few calories for your output can hamper weight loss too, so try increasing your intake to find a balance that is right for you.

      Top marks for having breakfast! That’s the best start you can give your day 🙂 Try to include a snack mid-morning before lunch, as well as mid-afternoon as well. Eating something frequently not only gives your metabolism a little kick, it provides you with the energy to complete your daily activities and still have the reserves to smash out a workout!

      I can understand how you may not be so motivated to workout in addition to your active day, however it can still be of benefit – even if you shorten the duration and/or intensity of your workouts! Incorporating a varied regime of cardio exercise for fat burn and general fitness, strength exercises for power, endurance and to tone and shape the muscles, flexibility exercises to increase range of motion in joints, lengthen tight muscles and reduce the risk of injury, and rest to aid recovery and muscle repair and growth can give you more energy in your day and have you feeling great while helping you nail your weight loss goal!

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  4. Hi,

    I am 62, retired and spend most of my time gardening. This means I am very active, but I don’t take any additional exercise, although we do have a good-sized swimming pool. I had a very bad accident in 2009 and still have some problems with swelling in my ankle, especially in hot weather. Otherwise my endurance and strength is quite good.

    Sadly as a result of my accident I was in a wheelchair for six months and during that time I gained a lot of weight, which I have not been able to shift. I also have type 2 diabetes caused by the weight-gain, stress and diet. I am undergoing long term natural health treatments supervised by my holistic GP. I have undergone a course of colonic hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage and am now at the point that I need to add exercise.

    I eat purely organic food, most from my own garden and I make all the food we eat from scratch, including bread, butter, cheese, yogurt, and fermented foods. I am on a nautural pig thyroid supplement as my reverse T3 showed me to be on the low side. I use natural stevia instead of sugar so also occasionally make my own ice cream. We only drink raw milk from our cow and it is from this I make our dairy items. I think I still eat more than I should and am often confused as to how to count calories or even if I should.

    Do you feel your programme would work for me? Please note I will not eat any processed foods of any kind.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Sharon – It’s absolutely fantastic that you are able to live off your land, making your own dairy products and bread, eating your own fruit and vegies, etc. It’s wonderful!

      While here at 12WBT we are all about eating as close to nature as possible, we understand that eating as close to nature as you do is not possible for a lot of Aussies. For this reason, we base our meals on whole foods (fruit, vegetables, natural dairy products, lean meats, etc.), while adding some minimally processed foods in the mix to add bulk, flavour and variety, such as rice, pasta, natural muesli, wholegrain bread, curry pastes, some sauces, etc. If you were to join the team and follow the 12WBT Meal Plans, you would be free to continue eating the foods you’re eating, modifying recipes AND ‘customising’ your Meal Plan to suit your needs and preference. You’ll learn a lot about portion sizes, your eating habits, and much more! We have a few members each round that make their own bread, yoghurt, etc., so you won’t be alone. Take a look at this link for a better idea of the 12WBT recipes –

      As a 12WBT member, you’ll also have access to a range of Fitness Programs and loads of Mindset Videos to complement your current treatments with your GP. Our online community, the Member Zone, will be a great place for you to connect with your teammates – you might find that there are quite a number of women on a similar journey to you!

      If you have any questions, please email – we’d love to have you on the team if you feel like 12WBT is the right fit for you.

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  5. I am Lactose intolerant and also i have to be on a very low fiber diet as i’ve got crohns
    I have seen many dietitians which has given me bit of help but i’m concerned that if i follow your program it will upset me even though i need to lose a little bit of weight. would love to do the 12wbt but for me it’s a lot of money if i don’t get the benefit of the food side of things with it too..

    1. Hi Sue – It’s great to hear you’re working with a dietitian and have a pretty good idea of what foods work for you and those that don’t. 12WBT does require a little work adapting certain recipes when you have specific dietary requirements, but Michelle gives you the tools to make it happen. While we don’t have a separate lactose free, low fibre Meal Plan, with a little tweaking each week, you can make the Meal Plans work for you.

      You’re welcome to modify recipes to suit your needs (e.g. replacing milk with soy/nut milk, using lactose free yoghurt, replacing cheese with hummus/avocado/nut butter, using white bread instead of wholemeal, etc.). When a meal is too complex to modify, use “Customise Plan” feature of the Meal Plan to switch any unsuitable meals for other options that you like from the Recipe Index. There is no reason that you need to eat foods that would normally upset you, just because they are in the Meal Plans… everything is flexible.

      The ‘Lactose Free’ filter will help you to find those meals that are most suitable and you can make further adjustments from there. Using the customise feature of your Meal Plan also updates your Shopping List which saves time and effort, and any last minor edits you need to make before doing your shop won’t take too long. For a better idea of the 12WBT recipes, click here:

      We have a team of dietitians here at 12WBT who are there to support you as much as possible. If you get stuck or are unsure about something, we’ve got your back. For more information, email

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

    1. Hi Lisa,

      While we don’t have a specific Paleo Meal Plan, we do have a great Gluten Free and Lactose Free filter with an extensive Recipe Index as well as an easy Meal Plan customisation process which allows you to easily convert your Meal Plan to Paleo!

      There are over 300 Gluten Free and Lactose Free recipes in the Recipe Index, and using the customise feature on your Meal Plan to choose Gluten Free and Lactose Free meals also automatically updates your shopping list, making things even easier. Simple substitutions of ingredients is also 100% ok. Swap quinoa for cous cous; use cauliflower ‘rice’ and zucchini ‘pasta’; substitute almond milk and coconut yogurt instead of dairy.

      I hope this helps!

      12WBT Support Crew

  6. Hi there!

    So I’ve just joined and was wondering about the breakfast. I usually can’t eat in the morning, I have IBS and ulcerative colitis, as well as a dairy intolerance. I can’t handle red meats, so im worried about the nutrients im missing out without eating this anymore.

    1. Hi Cassie,

      There are lots of members with specific dietary requirements each Round so you won’t be alone. With some planning and adjusting, you can make the Meal Plans work for you. Please shoot an email to and one of the 12WBT dieticians will be able to provide you with specific information on how to make 12WBT work for you.

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  7. Hi, I was just wondering if you have a round starting in October (pre-season in September)? I’m a returning member, and am keen to get going now, rather than waiting to start in November.


    1. Hi Ally,

      Great to have you back!

      The November Round is currently in Pre-Season and open for sign ups, so you are in the perfect position to join up to it! I know you are probably thinking “that is too long to wait!” but kick off will be here before you know it! As soon as you join, you’ll immediately get FULL access to the comprehensive Recipe and Exercise Index, as well as the Workout Videos and Express Workouts! – so you will be able to start trying things out, empowering yourself and making some changes. By the time kickoff arrives you will be in the best possible position to storm through the 12 weeks! Lots of our members lose weight during the Pre-Season period by doing just this!

      For any further questions you might have, here is a useful link –

      Hope to see you for a Round soon!

      12WBT Support Crew

  8. For those who have stomach issues – avoid legumes (beans – peas – lentils) they don’t digest easily (if at all – especially the skin) and cause more problems than it’s worth – fodmap helped for a year but wasn’t perfect – after all the tests and ops it took 2 years for a dr to give me that useful info about avoiding legumes!

  9. I am 56 years old and not very active as working 5 days a week behind a computer in most times need to loose 10 kgs by dec 2015 would that be possible aned can you help me.
    I also have a daught3er 23 years old but not active again like me working behind a desk and she need to loose 10-15 kgs are you able to help her too.???
    Any family discounts.. do you have regular face to face catch up too.

    Also how much time for exercise per day.. your previous FAQ said one hour per day.
    I would love a repy or call on 0458299454 thanks and Regards,
    Noted earlier date ot start is Sep 14th right???? Prework required to start now????

    1. Hi there,

      “Hi there. The 12WBT Program can work for both you and your daughter! Many of our members are sitting at desks all day so you won’t be alone in that. We expect that members following the 12WBT program can lose 0.5-1kg per week – this is really sustainable and will have you feeling pretty fabulous by the end of the year. While we would love to offer discounts to our members, our across the board policy at 12WBT is that we do not offer discounts at this time.

      In regards to exercise, most of the Exercise Plans set out close to an hour each day for exercise. If you find that this is not achievable, we encourage you to do what you can. There are some great Express Workouts (10-30 minutes workouts), which you’ll also have access to as a 12WBT member.

      The September Round starts on Monday 14th September. While Pre-Season it is the last week of Pre-Season, you still have time to complete your Pre-Season Tasks, however it will mean some organisation on your part. If you can set aside some time each day for the next week, you’ll be just fine.

      When you sign up, you will receive your ‘welcome’ email from Mish which will outline which Pre-Season Tasks to do in which order, and you’ll also be alerted when your Week 1 Exercise and Nutrition Plans are available. The Pre-Season Tasks are an invaluable part of the 12WBT, and Mish’s email makes it easy for you to see which ones to focus on first, so you are ready to get going with everyone on Monday of Week 1.

      Many 12WBTers join during this final week prior to the Round commencing so you will certainly not be on your own joining at this point. We look forward to helping you and your daughter on your health and fitness journey – head to

      For more information, email 🙂

      12WBT Support Crew

  10. Hi I’ve been wanting to join for awhile but never got round to doing it. I’m 51 and about a year & half ago decided that I should start exercising and looking after myself. I was doing ok felt like I was getting fitter exercising about 4 days a week. Unfortunately in May I hurt my back while exercising, that took me about 3 months to get over it and it scared me a lot as I’ve had surgery on my back when I was very young. Now I’m finding it really hard to get back into it , always worrying I’ll hurt myself again. I know I just have to do it! I think the best one for me to do is the Fit for Fifty? Is it to late to start at the next round as pre season has already started?

    1. Hi Anna,

      We’re sorry to hear about your back… although you sound like you’re on the mend now and ready to start making some more positive changes, which is fantastic!

      Fit for Fifty may be a good option for you! If you’re still worried about your back, we suggest that you seek advice from your health care professional before getting started. They will be able to give you a recommendation as to which exercises to avoid and which ones you can perform safely. From there, you can modify the Exercise Plans to suit your needs and only do what you can. The comprehensive 12WBT Exercise Index is a great resource to help you in your modifications and you can also post questions in the Member Zone for our Support Crew and experienced members if you need further guidance.

      Keep in mind that weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise so even if you have to modify the Exercise Plans somewhat, by following the Meal Plans consistently, you can still achieve a great result!

      It’s definitely not too late to join for the September Round! We still have over 2 weeks of Pre-Season remaining, which is plenty of time to complete the Pre-Season Tasks and prepare yourself for the 12 weeks. As they say, strike while the iron is hot! There will be lots of members joining in the upcoming weeks so you won’t be alone.

      We’d love to have you on the Team for the September Round, Anna. This is your chance to finally get on board! 🙂

      Head to to get started today.

      12WBT Support Crew

  11. Hi there, I have no cruciate ligaments in my left knee, so certain exercises are an issue, Plus I’ve had bilateral breast cancer with auxillaty clearance which has left me with lympodema in my arms one worse than the other, certain exercises make this swelling worse, plus I’ve also had overian cancer, full hysterectomy, Chemo and radiotherapy x 2 put into instant menopause at 45yrs, since the chemo and illness have put on 30 kgs as when had chemo I craved carbohydrates and would be sick if I didn’t have them,( I hated carbo till then) 2nd time around with chemo I couldn’t stand the taste of water so drank pub soda softdrink and wine as that was all the fluid I could stomach. Since then last cancer 7yrs ago I have kept the weight on, it can go up and down by 5kgs in a week depending on what I’ve been doing due to the lymphodema, I do like bike riding but get bord easily with any excercise unless constantly changing, also love boxing but limited due to lympodema, bought a new bike recently with the intention to ride to and from work but I do shift work, so if I finish at 10:30pm I dont want to get up at 4.30 am to be at work by 7am, plus its been raining… I would love to be able to ride home from work as would use it as an unwinding period, so working on that! I used to play competative sport and train for different things 6 times a week which I really enjoyed but now that all over because of health issues, but in those days I was younger could go without sleep.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      You certainly have been through a lot in the last decade – your courage to continue working towards your goals is inspiring. Your new bike sounds like a great start – you might not be able to ride to and from work every day but perhaps you can commit to 3 days a week? Or something that is manageable for you. Have you looked into the 12WBT Program? Weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise so although you may not be able to exercise each day, by making some small changes to your food/drink intake, you can achieve some great results. As a 12WBT member you receive weekly Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Exercise Plans and Mindset Videos. You also have access to the super supportive Member Zone – you’re never alone. We would love to help you feel more like the best version of yourself. For more information, email 🙂

  12. I am 60 female 163cm and weight is 89 kilo’s clothed and need a programe which program would best suit me I do about 30minute walk every day maybe longer could you help me please also I am a vegan

    1. Hi Janet,

      Excellent effort with your walking each day – that’s one of my favourite ways to exercise! The best way to determine which fitness program best suits you is to do our Pre-Season Task ‘Fitness Test’. While your initial Fitness Test is used to guide you towards suitable Exercise Plans, subsequent Fitness Tests at weeks 4, 8, and 12 are then used as a gauge to measure improvements in your fitness, strength, and flexibility. If you are unable to perform the challenges in the Fitness Test, then our ‘Move’ Program would be a good option for you! The exercises in its Exercise Plans are all low impact and low intensity, and the program itself is comprised of 4-5 days of exercise rather than 6. It’s designed to be done ‘at home’ with an element of walking associated with it, preferably done outdoors.

      When it comes to your Meal Plans, although 12WBT does not have a vegan Meal Plan option, we do have a vegetarian Meal Plan option as well as a vegetarian Shopping List and a Fact Sheet ‘Vegetarian Diet’ which may be helpful to you. Our definition of ‘vegetarian’ is no meat – but there will be some dairy, and eggs in the Meal Plan.

      You are welcome to substitute and modify the 12WBT Meal Plans to suit your individual dietary requirements (the 12WBT Recipe Index can be a valuable tool to assist you in this), and you receive your weekly Meal Plans and Shopping List on the Thursday of the week before they are due to ‘go live’, so you have time to do this. We’d love to have you join us!

  13. Hello.I am 55 years young and consider myself reasonably fit as ride my bike 3-4 hours a week.My BMI is 24 so in healthy range .My problem is I am addicted to sugar which shows through my flabby stomach which I cant budge regardless of what exercise I do. I am also a shift worker which I am sure doesn’t help with the suger munchies .

    1. Hi Wendy,

      As a shift worker you need to make sure you are organised. Packing healthy snacks will ensure that you are less likely to be drawn to the vending machine or staffroom lolly jar. Try and consume snacks that contain protein for healthy fat, and that will help achieve a feeling of satiety/fullness. Foods like nuts and yoghurt are particularly good.

  14. I am 45 and have made a mid-life career change. I am currently studying to be a Pastry Chef — not great if you’re trying to loose weight(!). I was doing OK last year but this year I seem to have really stacked it on!!! I’m currently on holidays. I’m trying desperately to fit into my chef pants when I go back to TAFE next week….any tips on quick weight loss?

    1. Oh wow, what an awesome career change! Just as it takes time to gain weight, it takes time to lose weight. There are lots of quick fixes out there but steady, sustainable weight loss is really the way to go. That’s what we are all about here at 12WBT! For some quick ways to gets started on your weight loss journey, click here –
      For more information about the 12WBT Program (it might be the shake up you need!), head to

  15. I’m early 50s and am really unfit. My daughter joined me up to Ashy Bines program, the excercise was too hard and I couldn’t complete one round of excercise. Can you please advise what the 50 plus consists of.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Debbie,

      The Fit for Fifty program is our program designed for those members who are approaching the major milestone of turning the big 5-0 or are already in their fifties. The Exercise Plans including five workout days per week, targeting a specific set of needs for middle age, with a combination of cardio, strength and toning with a focus on specific needs such flexibility, balance and bone density. The Fit for Fifty program’s Meal Plans have a daily calorie allowance of 1500 for women. They have been designed for weight maintenance or modest weight loss, and in line with established guidelines for overall nutrition.

      Please keep in mind also that if you start one Fitness Program and find it too easy or too difficult, you are welcome to switch to another Fitness Program (such as the Beginner, Move 2 or Move program) and you can do this via your own 12WBT Account Settings.

      If you are keen to join us for the August Round, now would be a perfect time to sign up so you can get started on your Pre-Season Tasks in time for when the Round kicks off on Monday 3rd August. Please head to: if you’d like to join us.

      All the best,


  16. Hi Guys!
    I’m 62 years young but in need of weight loss and fitness readiness for a walking tour in Europe at end of Sept. Would LOVE to join up for June 15 kickoff but haven’t done the prep. Can i do it?

    1. Hi Georgie,

      You sure can – but you need to be quick! Sign-ups are open now but close at midnight tonight to jump on board!
      In terms of the pre-season tasks, these are designed to be done at your own pace, which means you can fit them in during your first few weeks on the program.
      We’d love to have you on board. Head here: to join our team!

  17. Hello 12WBT,

    I am thinking of joining but I am an ova-lacto vegetarian who can only drink soy milk and can’t have many fats/oils, no butter or margarine. Plus I have a very full and hectic job as a teacher where I do not get to eat until 4 p.m. My breakfast is usually an Up & Go

    Would this program still be ok for me?

    1. Hi Cassandra,

      Our Vegetarian Plan sounds perfect for you as we include dairy and eggs (ovo-lacto vegetarian). You are welcome to swap any dairy milk for soy options easily. We have many teachers who are Members of 12WBT and they find ways to manage by including loads of meals they can eat on the run – think, ‘hand food’ you can race out to lunch duty with! Our Meal Plans are fully customisable, so this is quite easy to do. We also have some simple breakfast options for you so that you don’t need to rely on an ‘Up and Go’ every morning. WE would love to have you on our Team!

  18. I have got degenerative discs in my neck so my exercise is limited, I am able to play golf and the doctor says it is ok as long as I am sensible.
    Would I be able to go ahead with the program and get benefit out of it.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I put your question to Susie in our Support Crew, and she had the following advice for you:

      First and foremost, we do ask that you seek advice from your health care professional before embarking on an exercise program especially if you have pre-existing injuries or conditions. They will give you a recommendation as to which exercises to avoid and which ones you can perform safely.

      We encourage you to then modify the Exercise Plans to suit your needs, based on the results of your health professional’s assessment of you. The comprehensive 12WBT Exercise Index is a great resource to help you in your modifications and you can also post questions in the Member Zone for our Support Crew and experienced members if you need further guidance. You can also take copies of your Exercise Plan and alternative options from the Exercise Index with you to your health care provider appointments for more specific advice.

      The Move program is the entry level program for 12WBT and this is something you might like to consider in consultation with your health care providers. The exercises in its Exercise Plans are all low impact and low intensity, and the Fitness Program itself is comprised of 4-5 days of exercise rather than 6. The Move program is the perfect program for those people who have never exercised before, haven’t exercised in a long time or who have injuries and/or health concerns that requires them to introduce a fitness routine very gently.

      While the Calorie Levels are higher for the Move program (as they are designed to be achievable for 12WBTers with a BMI >30) you are welcome to switch to a lower calorie level if you don’t have as much weight to lose.

      Keep in mind that weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise so even if you have to modify the Exercise Plans somewhat, by following the Meal Plans as prescribed, you can still achieve a great result.

      I hope that this assists with making an informed decision about signing up and I wish you all the best with your health and fitness goals. We’d love to have you on board if you feel the Program is right for you!

  19. I haven’t joined for the one reason that I can only ride an exercise and for short spurts so feel I wouldn’t get the full benefit.I did have anorexia and developed a heart disease and put on 20kg and now I am in the situation where my cardiologist has said I wast to go past 55kg and I am now 10kg over that.i am only 150 cm tall.

    1. Hi Belinda,

      I put your question to our Support Crew. Here is their response:

      Thanks for contacting us! In regards to exercise, we do have a couple of Fitness Programs that are more gentle options. We have the Move and Move 2 programs which are our entry level programs that might be more suitable for you.
      When it comes to a history of eating disorders, 12WBT is a general health and fitness program and as such does not provide individually tailored recommendations to cater for specific health issues. The program is of a general nature and is in no way designed to take the place of professional psychological treatment. 12WBT recommends that any persons considering participating in a Round of 12WBT who have suffered, or are suffering from physical, emotional or mental health issues seek clearance by their medical specialists before participating.

      You may also wish to contact The Butterfly Foundation, which provides national telephone and online support for any person affected by an eating disorder or negative body image. They can be contacted on 1800 33 4673 or email and their website is

      You are certainly welcome to join us for a Round of the 12WBT Program if your health care professionals and you feel that the Program is right for you. Wishing you all the very best with your health and fitness.

  20. Hi Team

    I have just signed up, but found out yesterday that I am anaemic, should I make certain choices when planning my food? I currently get very breathless what exercises choices should I make.

    1. Hi Jo

      Welcome aboard! We’d encourage you to modify your Meal Plans based on your doctor’s/dietitian’s advice. Red meat will appear at least 4 times in your Meal Plan, you may like to add in 1-2 extra red meat meals each week. You can also include meals that contain legumes and nuts – these are also good sources of iron and provide lots of other important nutrients essential for good health.

      If you have further questions, email We are here to help. 🙂

      12WBT Nutrition Support Crew

  21. Hi team,
    I have signed up yesterday and am enjoying the only issue is even as a lactose intolerant patient I still love my oat(20gm) with 100 ml of full cream and a boiled egg or a breakfast beforeI head to the gym..couldn’t find any reciepes that would have oats without sugar on the website..and I am trying my best to cut sugar can I keep my regular breakfast instead of the ones I’ve chosen on the plan..2nd thing nuts as a snack I love it, I mix 5 almonds with 5 walnuts in a fruit this too much for a snack as I’ve been told before from a dietition it’s the best for a woman with PCOS ..but my intermediate programm suggest max of 150 calorie for each snack so what should I do( n how many snacks am allowed to have).
    appreciate your reply

    1. Hi ilana

      It’s great to have you on the Team! Yes, you can continue to have your fave breakfast, as long as it comes in at around 300 calories. Give some of the 12WBT porridge recipes a try, omitting sugar if you like.

      When it comes to snacks, variety is the best way to go. 5 almonds, 5 walnuts and a piece of fruit (e.g. apple, mandarin) would come in at around 150-170 calories. It’s perfectly fine to have as a snack and then with the remaining calories, you could choose another snack from here:

      If you have any more questions, shoot an email to 🙂

      12WBT Support Crew

  22. Could you please let me know if your program is suitable for the male of the species?!?!
    My wife put me onto this site, but all I see is images and stories of women, and talk about pregnancy!
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Kieren,

      Panic not – there are definitely male members of 12WBT and to be honest, they often kick butt over the women in terms of their weight loss achievements – it’s all that damn testosterone, gettin’ you gains! We have Fitness Programs and Meal Plans specifically tailored to men, and a dedicated Mens Locker Room Group in the Member Zone where you can chat to other guys and share your journey. That’s not to say you can’t hang out and share with the girls either, but it’s nice to know you can go ‘down the shed’ when you need to 😉

      Kind regards,

      12WBT Support Crew

  23. Kate I feel for you. You sound so much like me. I have Hashimotos, and before diagnosis all my problems were worse(not saying you have hashimotos, but sounds like some auto imune stuff going on). I have founds AIP(auto imune paleo) helpful. Nothing helps 100% as it took 40 yrs for me to work out the gluten thing and there is so much damage to my body from that that I’m always going to have some level of inflammation. Just a lot less if I am strict but it is hard to get used to and maintain. I have been a bit relaxed since xmas and paying for it. By relaxed that means simply Gluten free. I remember when I was told I had to be 100% GF i thought it was terrible. Now I’d give anything to be able to be just GF. Any way check out AIP. It’s not for everyone and certainly not if you get no benefit from it.

  24. I’m lactose, fructose and gluten intolerant so eating anything for me is a real struggle. Now it’s to the point that no matter what I eat I’m in pain constantly. My body doesn’t digest food. So I live on pea protein. Morning noon and night. Very boring and gritty.

      1. I’ve seen numerous dieticians, Drs, Vega testing for allergies in foods, going again to a gastrointerologist in march. There’s not much I haven’t tried and looked into.

    1. The Doctors thought I was the same till a few weeks ago .. the low Fodmap diet caters for lactose, fructose and gluten intolerant … the monash university app for the low fodmap diet was fantastic… Are you seeing a gastro-entrologist? Because it turned out I wasn’t intolerant to anything… I had a colonoscopy and they found polyps (even though i’m still in my twenties), they were removed and the past 4 weeks I’ve been completely symptom free and enjoying food again.

      1. I was given the fodmap directions and followed to the letter. Unfortunately I think I’m a freak of nature. My body starting reacting to the foods I am supposed to be able to tolerate. My gut is now reacting to sulphide in foods… natural and added. I see the gastroenterologist in March for the second time.

        1. the other thing might be IBD (which is not the same as IBS), that normally hits between the ages of 15 and 35 … hope everything goes well for you … I know how frustrating it is, I’ve been there!

    2. Hi Kate,
      I had Helicobacter Pylori that I had to be treated for an entire yr and it ruined my digestion (cancer drugs).
      In short when your body reacts to foods it is a stress response and regardless of what you put it reacts until it settles down. They prescribed medication for my condition that they usually give to people with anxiety/depression for a short while after treating the cause of course. Once the stress response slowed down I could tolerate more food. It will get better, unfortunately because we are all different and have different conditions and our bodies have different responses – it is a learning thing once they work out the cause, stop the stress reaction and then you will resume some normality. Hang in there! I still can’t eat beans, apples, summer fruit, barley, milk products. Try taking lactase for the lactose intolerance at least that may give you a greater food range. Good Luck and I hope you get well and enjoy food once again really SOON!

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