Spring Cocktail Calories And Four 12WBT-Approved Recipes!

Reviewed By: Lisa Donaldson, APD, M.Nutr&Diet, B.Edu

We’re well into Spring now, and, I don’t know about you, but the warmer weather has definitely brought cocktail-cravings with it. Bars, restaurants, or entertaining at home, I’m finding that cocktails are increasingly on the menu – and looking mighty tasty indeed! Vibrant colours and fresh flavours feel like just the thing to celebrate the turn of the season!

But, as always, cocktails can remain a (scary) source of hidden calories, to be enjoyed in moderation if you find it hard to stop at one. We’ve listed your favourite Spring cocktail calories below, as well as our favourite low calorie, high flavour 12WBT-approved cocktail recipes!


Spring Cocktail Calorie Count
180ml Mojito 182cal
230ml Bloody Mary 184cal
100ml Whiskey Sour 200cal
100ml Daiquiri 200cal
100ml Martini  203cal
100ml Margarita 208cal
220ml Moscow Mule 212cal
230ml Dark n’ Stormy 226cal
250ml Frozen Margarita 226cal
100ml Mint Julep 242cal
215ml Long Island Iced Tea 383cal
220ml Mai Tai 440cal
340ml Pina Colada 644cal


Recipe 1: Fresh and Fruity 


60ml Blueberry Vodka

30ml Peach Schnapps

30ml Light Cranberry Juice

Lemon Peel and Wedge to garnish


Shake vodka, schnapps and cranberry juice with ice cubes and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with lemon peeel and wedge. 

Cocktail calories: 175 calories


Recipe 2: Flower Power 


30ml Vodka

30ml Gin

1 Tablespoon Elderberry Cordial

1 Teaspoon Lime Juice

3 Cucumber Slices

Fresh Mint, to taste

Soda Water, to top


In a shaker, combine vodka, gin, cordial, cucumber slices, and your desired amount of mint of mint. Using a wooden spoon, crush all ingredients together. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled glass. Top with soda water.

Cocktail calories: 180 calories


Recipe 3: Orange Cup


30ml Vodka  

15ml Aperol 

15ml Lime Juice 

1 large sprig mint

Soda Water, to top

Cucumber Peel, for garnish


In a shaker, combine vodka, Aperol, lime juice and mint. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled glass. Top with soda water and garnish with cucumber peel.  

Cocktail calories: 105 calories


Recipe 4: Tequila Cooler


30ml Tequilla

30ml Grapefruit Juice

15ml Agave Nectar

Soda Water, to top

Grapefruit Slices, to garnish

Fresh Mint, to garnish


In a chilled glass with ice, combine tequila, grapefruit juice and agave nectar. Stir and top with soda water. Garnish with fresh grapefruit and mint.

Cocktail calories: 142 calories

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