What is 12WBT Lifestyle and how does it work?

12WBT Lifestyle is our newest membership option for those wanting to access multiple 12WBT Rounds per year or for those wanting yearly access to the 12WBT recipes and workouts, plus other exciting content.

What do I get as a 12WBT Lifestyle member?

As well as the features of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program, as a 12WBT Lifestyle member you will have access to:

  • Specific ready-made meal plans and shopping lists which can be accessed at any time
  • Quick dynamic new workouts to do at home
  • Nutrition and Workout Hacks
  • Access to 4-week programs, with new regular releases throughout the year

What happens if I choose to do a 4 week program instead of the current 12WBT Round?

Whilst doing a 4-week program you will receive program-specific emails instead of your usual 12WBT Lifestyle communications. Once the 4-week program finishes, you will automatically begin to receive 12WBT Lifestyle communications again. Over the four weeks, you will continue to have full access to 12WBT Lifestyle as well.

What happens if I do not want to participate in a 12WBT Round?

As a Lifestyle member you have the OPTION to participate in 4 rounds of 12WBT per year. It is up to you if you wish to participate in any or all of these rounds, or use your Lifestyle membership to access just the recipes, ready-made plans and workout videos in your own time.

If you have to opt out of a 12WBT round, you do not need to do anything simply pick up again when the next round becomes available.

How much does 12WBT Lifestyle cost?

The Lifestyle Membership costs $9.99/week over 1 year (52-week lock in contract).

What happens if I wish to cancel my 12WBT Lifestyle membership after 52 weeks?

The Lifestyle Membership is a 52-week minimum contract. After this time, if you wish to cancel, please get in touch by email advising that you wish to cancel your 12WBT Lifestyle membership – support@12wbtsupport.com