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It really is mind over matter

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During your 12 Week Program, you’ll receive 2 weekly Mindset videos that will help you understand the patterns of thinking that have been holding you back from real change. 

My Mindset lessons will change the way you think, change your behaviour and set you up for long term success.

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80% of weight loss is about what you eat!  So if you are here, you may have a rocky relationship with food. My weight loss programs will give you the understanding and tools to build better, long-lasting relationships with food. You will enjoy cooking and eating easy-to-prepare meals that are healthy and will nourish your mind and fuel your body. 

Yep, I hear you, you want to hit the alarm button and roll over! Let’s face it so do I sometimes, but for those times I have skipped a workout,  the day just doesn’t run as smoothly. Exercise is a habit and a good one, it helps clear our minds, more easily meet daily challenges and improve productivity and let’s not forget to increase your metabolism which supercharges weight loss. It is a case of JFDI and I will help you build this fantastic habit that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our lives are busy, and often our best-laid plans for improving our health can be side-lined, “I will start again on Monday” I hear you say!! With my help, you can break this never-ending cycle. 

In my program staying motivated and focused will be easier because I will provide you with everything you need from weekly easy-to-prepare meal plans and exercise plans and a welcoming supportive online environment where you will connect with your teammates and support crew. The support and structure my program will provide will enable you to stay motivated and focused and see it through to the end and beyond. 

This is my mantra and I want it to be yours! If you are not prepared and organised you are already putting roadblocks in place. I will give you all the tools and teach you skills that make this second nature once you start putting this into practice you will be on your way to achieving your goals.