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The Menopause

Lose weight with a fresh and filling approach to nutrition, and build bone health with an exercise plan that favours consistency over intensity. Together with Australia's leading menopause experts, we’ll unlock new ideas for overcoming your menopause symptoms.

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If you're ready to trim down, shape up or just want to lose the last few kilos, 12WBT has various program levels from beginner to advanced. All the planning is sorted for you, so you can easily incorporate healthier habits to help keep the weight off in the long-term.

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Fit for Fifty

Nurture your needs as you approach 50 and over. Learn about fuelling your body with the right nutrition and stay strong through a combination of cardio and strength training. If you're looking to maintain your fitness, lose weight or improve the way you age, this program is for you.

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Lean & Strong

Tone and shape your body using the latest, most effective strength training techniques. This program aims to activate your muscles and increase your lean muscle mass. You'll use weights and body weight exercises to improve your strength, definition and shape.

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Pregnancy &
Post Baby

Safe exercise and nutrition plans designed for the mum-to-be or new mum in mind. Each program offers ways to stay fit and regain your strength and ‘you time’. Easily increase or decrease the intensity based on your current level and advice from your doctor.

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Learn the benefits of running and get the motivation and drive to SMASH your personal best. Each program is designed to help you to achieve your goal distance, increase your fitness, tone up and lose or maintain your weight without the risk of overtraining.

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