The Menopause Method

Available from March 2024

Let’s move towards weight loss, bone health and everything in between.

Weight Loss

The Menopause Method meal plan is a fresh and filling approach to nutrition. Science and research point to a Mediterranean diet as best suited to support women through this transformative stage, along with an increase in calcium and lean protein. Our low-carb choices are scattered throughout the week and are designed to help fuel your active lifestyle, manage your weight and sustain your vitality.

Bone Health

The Menopause Method exercise plan features all new workouts across resistance, cardio, circuit and yoga. Unlike other programs, these focus on ‘consistency’ over ‘intensity’. Designed to encourage weight loss, increase bone density and improve muscle mass, each workout combines the benefits of stress-reduction, mood-enhancement and overall well-being.

The Experts

Together with Australia's leading menopause experts, we’ll uncover and dissect a range of topics including weight and diet, hot flushes, night sweats, joint pain, mood changes, depression, bone loss/osteoporosis, cholesterol, heart disease, brain fog, sleep, libido, sexual wellbeing, Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) and Non-Hormonal Treatment options for menopausal symptoms.

Let's supercharge this next phase of life.

When we have our health under control, we have more bandwidth to get the most out of life. These years should be our best yet, full of people and pursuits we love and we shouldn’t let menopause get in the way of that.

I’ll be with you all the way!


Diet has an impact

Follow our customisable 12 week Meal Plan designed by our accredited practising dieticians. Lose weight, strengthen bones and manage mood swings – all with a time-saving approach.


Brand new Workouts

We’ve tailored our new workouts to 3 levels of fitness. Whether you’re a true beginner, regular exerciser or require more advanced options – your level of ability is always catered for.


Insights, tools & tips.

Join Australia’s most qualified menopause physicians, sexologist and dietitians to help demystify your symptoms and deliver effective strategies to succeed.


Backing you 110% of the way

We’re all in this together and we’re here to support you and keep you motivated! You can ask my team of experts for help and connect with other 12WBTers on their journey.

What you'll get in my 12 Week Round

Pre-Season Access for early sign ups to get you prepped & organised (up to 4 weeks before your Round starts!)

Help from my Support Crew & Team of Expert Dietitians & Fitness Coaches

Weekly Customisable Meal Plans to support your health through this transformative phase.

Exercise Plans that focus on all the physiological changes that women face during the many stages and challenges of menopause.


A library of 1300+ nutritious & delicious Recipes

A library of Workout Videos & Express Workouts

Mindset & Nutrition Tip Videos (A key to long-term transformation!)

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