Insider tricks to help you succeed at 12WBT

Adjusting to the 12WBT mindset requires a lot of persistence and a little bit of…ingenuity. You’re going to be transforming every aspect of your life, from the food you eat to the time you set your alarm. It’s not easy.

We asked the winners of our December End of Round Awards – who all smashed their goals – on the quirky tricks they used to make the journey not only enjoyable, but very personal!


Freya Freya Seale

“I would always take the time to enjoy my treat meal. I incorporated dark chocolate regularly and enjoyed every bite. Plan your calories for snacks carefully and allow yourself to find healthy alternatives. I also found using Instagram as a visual diary was highly motivating and kept me accountable.”


Jaime Jaime Bradley

“My tip was to let everyone around me know that I was doing the program. This held me accountable to the peers in my life and allowed them to understand why I chose green tea instead of a coffee. Everyone asks ‘how’s Michelle going?’ in relation to how the program’s going, and it’s been great.”


Paula Paula Murphy

“Buy something for each week that you felt you have done well. When you feel something is too small – BIN IT! You will never be that size again… and buy good clothes, the best you can. If it feels great, you wear it!


Sarah Sarah Ellis

“I push through the procrastination and I get it done! Because you know after you’ve done that workout you’re going to feel incredible and so glad that you did it!”


Kelly Kelly Lang

“I found a snack that’s healthy that cures my sweet cravings!”


Virginia Virginia Eynstone

“I talk to my cats during my workouts! It keeps me going, they are my cheerleaders! A few times I have had them try to join in with me when I’m stretching, well not joining in, but trying to sit on me!”


Courtney Courtney Jenkinson

“I have a special treat of healthier, low-calorie coconut-based ice cream that is 30km away from me at the beach. Once a week (maybe twice if it’s a super stressful week) I drive in and treat myself to an ice cream and a walk along the beaches and hills. This helps me keep in check for the rest of the week.”


Emma Emma Taylor

“When I first started I decided to ditch the super large pasta bowls that encouraged larger portions and presented my meals on smaller dishes. I [also] always have some strawberries on hand; they make the perfect quick and easy snack with a bit of a sweet kick – and they’re easy on the calories.”


Liz Liz Mutineer

“I took everyone’s advice and got involved in delicious herbal teas. I recommend making a ceremony of it. If I feel like mindless snacking I make a pot of tea (I have a few adorable tea pots) and take it to the table to drink. Also, I have two outfits that I wear when I do the workout videos. I don’t wear them for anything else. So when the grey shorts and blue crop top are on, it’s go time!”


Nanditha Nanditha Suresh

“I make herbal or fruit teas with some sparkling water to make it look like I am having a fancy drink. Who needs cola or sugary juices when I can have these guilt-free ‘fancy’ teas!”

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4 thoughts on “Insider tricks to help you succeed at 12WBT

  1. Hi

    My name is Lanna Franks and I am trying to find a exercise buddy. I live in Banora Point/Tweed Heads area, so if you live in my area and you are doing the Home exercise program. Please contact me on Facebook if you are interested in working out together.

  2. Well have been on the dreaded scales this morning. It was as bad as I expected. I set my alarm for 5:00 am got out my trusty little torch and off I went for a walk. I have started on the road to recovery. Vicki

  3. Must be honest I am quite disappointed with my 12WBT experience so far. Have been about 90% loyal to my program (I say 90% because in the last 8 weeks I have had about 4 or 5 pieces of chocolate about once per week) but have only lost about 3/4 of a Kilo. I expected a bit more than that so very much doubt it is worth my while continuing.

    Put quite a lot into the past 8 weeks, ie time and effort, which is not easy for me as I am my husband’s carer, plus have our animals (4 dogs, 2 cats and 4 horses) to care for on our 22 acres here in Country Victoria. Don’t use Instagram or Facebook.

    Its good to note the big weight losers but would be interested to know just how many Rounds these people have each had to got through to get that result – 3, 4, 6 or ?. Losses don’t really count all that much unless you have access to that info.

    1. Hi Margot – Creating and establishing healthy habits does indeed take conscious effort and time. 12WBT is all about a moderation approach, based upon the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We want you to have a healthy relationship with food, with exercise and most importantly yourself. Hence our three philosophies of the program being nutrition, exercise and mindset.

      Every individual comes into the program with different barriers (lifestyle or personal), different goals and different levels of fitness. Some members do indeed lose large amounts of weight in one round whilst others lose small amounts, instead gaining fitness, muscle and a love of healthy living. What is great about 12WBT is that there shouldn’t be a time limit if you are creating healthy habits for life. Why would we want to stop eating well if it was making you feel well?

      As you know from doing the program, we want you to measure other markers of progress not just scale weight, hence the Pre-season fitness test which is repeated at Weeks 4, 8 and 12. Where not everyone may see large losses on the scale, there should be some great strides in Mindset, measurements and fitness. If there isn’t any improvement then things just don’t seem to add up and we would encourage our members to re-address the pre-season tasks and monitor their daily habits to see where they may be falling short.

      We do understand the being a carer is not only physically but emotionally draining too Margot. Looking after yourself, being kind to yourself is the best way you can help others. Breaking down the program (or any healthy habits) into small steps, realistic steps, consistent steps will help get you to your goals!

      We wish you all the best for reaching your goals Margot!
      12WBT Support Crew

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