What Happens to Your Body After a Week of Moderate Exercise

Research shows it takes just three bouts of 20 to 30-minute exercise to radically improve your entire mental and physical health. Here’s what happens to your body when you undertake moderate exercise for just a week.

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Better energy production

Even after a few moderate workouts, your cells produce more energy and this starts to lay a good foundation for your physical activity.

Sustained energy

Not only do your cells begin to get more efficient at producing energy, but this can also impact how you feel for the majority of your day and help boost your workouts or productivity in general!

Better mood

When we exercise, or bodies release endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ which is what makes us feel so good when we move and even more so after a solid workout!

These endorphins are a fantastic tool in aiding the reduction of anxiety and depression and this process occurs right from the get go.

Muscles start to build/recover

When you are training, the activity creates micro tears in the muscle and as you are recovering between your workouts, your muscles are repairing/growing.

This is where the magic of shape change and progressions in your strength occur.

Alertness/brain function

Exercising increases blood flow to the brain and organs, which can sharpen your focus, assist with mental clarity and with that in mind, grabbing an opportunity to get your heart rate up ahead of a project can do wonders.

Glowing skin

Detoxifying the body through exercise has an extensive list of benefits, with one of the most obvious being, how you look.

Your skin will be glowing, you will feel ‘cleaner’ and often you appear fresher as soon as you begin to exercise frequently.

Better sleep

Training hard, feeling energised throughout the day through better choices overall and staying hydrated can all form terrific preparation for a restful sleep.

Healthier choices

Better decisions around food and exercise would appear to be mostly put down to willpower, but as you build on your mental muscle as much as your physical ones, this creates a new pattern and the ability to switch gears without really noticing.

Exercise and a smart approach to your nutrition can level out unhelpful thoughts and cravings, making your choices empowered ones that fuel your body vs slow them down.

Life flows easier

With a few successful workouts under your belt, the shift to the physical aspect of your workout routine comes much more effective blood flow and systematic ability to get more done in general.

You will have a higher capacity to perform tasks, due to the positive effects of the other processes mentioned above.

Body fat reduction

It goes without saying that if you are undertaking even moderate exercise and eating well, you are going to lose body fat!


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