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4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Hydrated This Summer

Giving your kids the right nutrition is obviously something most parents worry about. But living in Australia, where summer time temperatures can reach boiling heights, a focus on your kid’s hydration is equally – if not more important!

Reminding your little ones to keep up the liquids can feel like a full time job in the heat, but if you make it fun and tasty for them, you’re more likely to avoid flushed, dizzy, headachy children.

How much liquid do kids need?

This is a base line the figures below outline the minimum your child should be having per day. Of course if it’s hot, you’re going to want to ensure they get a lot more.

  • 1-3 year-olds: 3.5 cups per day
  • 4-8 year-olds: 5 cups per day
  • 9-13 year-olds : 7 cups per day

Fun Water Bottles

Invest in a fun, colourful print water bottle for each child, clearly labeled with their name and easily available. You could even mark the water bottles at the 1/4 cup mark and tell your kids, when your drink gets to here – it’s time to refill!

If it’s a struggle to get them to drink that much water, try adding a little fresh or frozen fruit, mint or unsweetened fruit juice to the water.

Fruits and Veggies For Days

Most fruits and veggies contain around 80% water, so along with being naturally nutrient-dense, they’re extremely hydrating. The top hitters in the hydration game include:

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Zucchini
  • Peaches

Try making a yummy smoothie with your child- it’ll get their fluid intake up and it’s fun to do together. Frozen grapes also go down a treat with kids in summer and they’re packed with hydration.

DIY Ice blocks

Invest in an ice block mould and make your own fluid rich treats. Puree fruit, or use no-added sugar fruit juice and pour into the mould.

Be A Role Model

Kids love to emulate us, so if you make a visible and conscious effort to get your 2L of H20 in, you’ll be setting a great example for your children.

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