Fruit and Vegetables in Season in May

While stone fruit trees are bare (except for mangoes in the NT), delicious winter fruits are being plucked from branches around Australia. Push yourself and try something new and in season this month.

Lovely citrus is ripe in Queensland with plenty of bright yellow lemons coming our way, and the sunshine state is giving us broccoli from Toowoomba and Batlow apples as well. We’ll be seeing more juicy apple varieties at farmers markets from the Hunter Valley, the Tasman Peninsula and West Tamar – delicious.

Western Australia has come alive, with apples and pears ripe in Manjimup, Pemberton and Donnybrook. Kununurra is shipping out zucchini and Rockmelons, and Coorow has melons galore.

The cooler months are a time of abundance up in the Northern Territory. Growers in Katherine and Darwin are harvesting melons, mangoes (go picking if you’re looking for a job), luscious citrus and bananas. You’ll find tropical delights like Asian veggies on route from Darwin as well.

Most supermarkets have Australian Grown labels, but if you’re not sure, ask your green grocer where it’s from.

Fruit in Season in May

· Apples

· Bananas

· Custard apples*

· Kiwifruit

· Lemons

· Nashi pears

· Pears

Custard Apple

Custard apples may not be good looking, but they taste amazing (it’s what’s on the inside that counts). A fresh custard apple feels similar to a ripe avocado, in that it’s slightly soft but still firm to touch. Feel free to chop up and eat fresh, or alternatively try adding pieces to a Thai curry just prior to serving, for a little crunchy sweetness.

Vegetables in Season in May

· Beetroot

· Broccoli

· Brussel Sprouts**

· Cabbage

· Capsicum

· Chinese greens

· Fennel

· Leeks*

· Mushrooms

· Leeks

· Mushrooms

· Okra

· Parsnip

· Potato

· Pumpkin

· Silverbeet

· Spinach


Leeks are a great alternative to onions in stir-fries, bakes, casseroles and soups. They don’t have such a strong, tart flavour as onions. Why not whip up a leek and potato soup as the nights get cooler, or else a chicken and leek pie.

Brussel Sprouts

Often a food that people love to hate, brussel sprouts are so good for you, why not step out of your comfort zone and give the little beauties a run for their money? Use the strong flavour to cut through fatty dishes like a pork stir fry, or add slices to an Asian style warm or cold salad.

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