Elizabeth 12WBT Success Story

Number of Rounds: 7

Kilos Lost: 45

Inspiration to Join 12WBT:

Elizabeth, is a 12WBT veteran, she’s completed a whopping seven Rounds and lost 45 kilos. Overweight for almost her entire life, Liz knew that the only way to succeed in her weight-loss goals was to change her mindset completely – something she had struggled to master in the past, and through other  programs. But changing her mental outlook she has now certainly mastered! Since joining 12WBT her career is off the charts, she’s got engaged…and is now married to the man of her dreams.

Turning Point:

Since Liz started 12WBT she says that everything in her life has changed for the better. But if she had to choose a defining moment, it would be how she could change the thought: “As someone who was overweight for a long time, you’ve got to work on the mind before you can work on anything else. Getting those lessons each week and knowing where you’re going really clears your head so you know where you want be at the end of the Round.

Biggest Motivator:  

Liz is a pioneer for the power of the 12WBT community. As part of the Inner West Sydney 12WBT powerhouse group ‘The Pink Ladies’, she knows that the support and encouragement of her group has pushed her and others to achieve their goals. The group started with just four members (including Liz) back in 2011, and now has a membership of 250 ladies! “I think you need others that understand what you’re going through. It’s a 12 week program but it’s also a lifestyle” says Liz. Together they’ve built a place of support, lost hundreds of kilos and made lifelong friendships.

Liz’s Top 12WBT Tip: 

Anyone can do 12WBT. I was 120 kilos when I started. I was overweight, I was depressed and I was unhappy. Since starting the program everything has changed. You can go from being overweight to someone who loves life. Anything is possible.

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  1. Love you Liz. An incredible transformation and paying it forward helping so many others to transform our lives too. You are gorgeous inside and out. Congratulations on your fantastic achievements

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