Our May Round Winners Share Their Secrets to Success

After 12 big weeks, it’s time to reveal our End of Round winners! At the conclusion of each Round, we ask our Members to nominate themselves for a Top Transformer award, or an inspirational Member for the 12WBT Hero Award.

Let’s find out what made 12WBT May Round so special from our amazing End of Round Winners!

Top Transformers

Andy (aka chubs2fitlife)

EOR_bio_pics_AndyThe best part about about 12WBT May Round has been connecting with other participants through social media and sharing the workouts. There was a huge sense of community with the other members as we were all doing the program together.

The most important thing I learned as part of my 12WBT journey was that variety is the spice of life. I was able to modify the meal plans to whatever way I liked and there was always a recipe for all of my cravings! The workouts focused on the whole body transformation, which was evident in my measurements

The biggest challenge I faced was thinking that I couldn’t do it. I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to stick through the program for the whole 12 weeks. However with the new 12WBT app, this helped significantly and kept me accountable particularly with my daily workouts.

Hannah (aka hannah_rope)

EOR_bio_pics_HannahThe best part of taking part in 12WBT May Round was the support and friendship from all of the other 12WBTers I connected within the 12WBT Instagram community. It really is a powerful thing supporting and having the support from other people who have similar goals and are going through lots of the same things! We all get each other, sometimes more than people in our “real” lives.

My favourite meal was and always will be the Red Curry of Pumpkin and Green Beans! My favourite exercise plan is Learn 2 Run. I did it in my first 12WBT round and I found it was so motivating as you really improve so much so consistently. I never thought I would see the day that I would enjoy running 5km on a weekly basis.

I know I’m doing 12WBT when I’m spending my afternoons checking Instagram to see what everyone has been eating to choose what I want to have for dinner that night!!

Donna (aka donna_ob)

EOR_bio_pics_DonnaThe best part of 12WBT for me was the fantastic tools provided.  I love my iPhone so the phone app was fantastic for checking recipes and awesome for taking to the park for the Saturday sessions.  I wouldn’t have known where to start with exercise and meal plans so it was my bible for 12 weeks.

The biggest challenge I faced was BURPEES!  OMG how I hate them, but it made me so determined to crack them.  In Week 11 I was finally able to complete a full set.  It was like a birthday in our house with a mini celebration.

I know I’m doing 12WBT when I’m so full of beans that I’m in the lounge room doing my warm up already and then I feel my Fitbit alarm go off on my wrist and realise I have sprung out of bed before 5am and started working out without even thinking about it.

Jillian (aka jillyiann)

EOR_bio_pics_JillianThe most important thing I learned as part of my 12WBT journey was to never give up. If you have a slip up, keep going, if you miss a gym session, keep going, don’t let a bad food choice turn into a bad food day, don’t let one skipped session turn into no workouts for a week. Never have that mentality because the days will pass by so may as well make the most of them!

My favorite meal was…well this question would be easier if it was what is your least favorite meal, there are so many amazing recipes! One of my absolute favourites would be the beef and guinness pie, or chicken and corn soup!

I know I’m doing 12WBT when I’m standing nudie on the scales doing a happy dance, because I’m following an incredible program that works! 12WBT has changed my life. Bring on the next round!

Mary (aka maryberry)

EOR_bio_pics_MaryThe most important thing I learned as part of my 12WBT journey was to watch the mindset videos. I just loved the support videos Michelle provided. I would say, for me, those were my rock for my days ahead. I needed more of a mental transformation in order to even think about my body measurements. So, those videos were an absolute must. I watched them over again especially when I would feel myself slipping into the fear trap. Just when I felt one of my barriers creeping up, Michelle would post another video. It was awesome!

The biggest challenge I faced was that I got sick during the program and skipped quite a few workouts at the beginning. The challenge was to get back up and bust into the program again. I had to really work hard against the negative thinking.

I know I’m doing 12WBT when I look at pictures of myself just a few weeks ago and say “oh my God, WAS that me?!”

12WBT Heroes

Vicki (aka VK81)

EOR_bio_pics_VickiThe most important things I learned as part of my 12WBT journey was that two things are simple: “JFDI” and “Consistency is King”. There are no quick fixes and you CAN do anything you put your mind too.

The biggest challenge I faced was training for the half marathon. The biggest challenge was to believe that I could do it. I was born with a VSD, that’s a hole in the heart and was never permitted to really run as a child. Since my teens I have always exercised but I enjoyed pushing myself on the 12WBT programs. To gradually build up to run 21 km is an unbelievable achievement for me and my poor mum nearly had a heart attack when I came back from my 21 km run.

I know I’m doing 12WBT when I’m on a Greek island and it’s 40 degrees, the Mediterranean is calling and everyone is heading to the Taverna for ouzo and calamari and I say “I’ll meet you there. I have to run my 14km first!!”

Sarah (aka MrsZ)

EOR_bio_pics_SarahThe best part of the May 12wbt round is this moment right now. 12 weeks have passed and I have made it through. This wasn’t my first round, in fact it was my 10th. I learn something different each round and this time around it was a simple lesson: Keep it simple. Track workouts, meals and treats. Talk with family, friends and online about how things are going; both good and bad.

The most important thing I learned as part of my 12WBT journey is that it all comes down to me. I can do anything, I am worthy and I am enough. It’s something I am still working through but my levels of self belief have changed dramatically during the last 12 weeks! The weight loss is a happy side effect – and it will happen.

I know I’m doing 12WBT when I am surrounded by like-minded people and am in the driver’s seat. The people in the Member Zone are just so lovely, and the same goes for those on Instagram (hello #12wbtinstacrew!). I also know I’m doing 12WBT when I am in the driver’s seat. I plan, and get things done.

Erika (aka Erica_2015)

EOR_bio_pics_ErikaExercise has been the biggest revelation to me since starting my 12WBT journey. I have always understood that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness so have chosen to focus on nutrition in order to achieve weight loss goals. I have now realised that it is a much more complex relationship, when I feel fit and healthy in my body and mind, it is easier to make good food choices and avoid comfort eating. I am at the gym 6 days per week by 4.30am and I love it in a way that I have never loved exercise before!

The biggest challenge I faced was that I still struggle with mindless snacking particularly after work when trying to get the kids fed and ready for bed. I have implemented a range of strategies (having chopped up vegies ready, drinking soda water etc.) but it is definitely still a work in progress.

I have enjoyed all of the 12WBT meals but my favourite go to meals are probably: Dinner:  Bimbap Meal, Ginger salmon stir-fry, and Chicken & Quinoa Soup. Breakfast: nutty banana porridge and Bacon and Egg roll. In terms of exercise, right now I’m really enjoying the sprint and hill intervals in the cardio sessions. I recently tried the “Soar to Four Treadmill” express workout and found it exhilarating.

Leanne (aka Annie192)

EOR_bio_pics_LeanneThe most important thing I learned as part of my 12WBT journey was that consistent small changes reap massive and long lasting rewards.

The biggest challenge I faced was overcoming my excuses, and learning to shout down the inner dialogue that was telling me I would fail. The mindset lessons were my saviour.

I know I’m doing 12WBT when…
…I can connect with complete strangers and feel like I’ve known them forever.
…I can throw away clothes that are too baggy.
…my clothes don’t fit anymore.
…my shoes fall off.
…my rings need resizing.
…I have the confidence to try new things.
…I can do things I haven’t been able to do for nearly 30 years.
…my relationship with food has completely changed.
… realise how much I enjoy exercising and getting sweaty. Who’d have guessed?
…I look forward to my days so much that I feel like I sparkle. 12WBT has made me sparkle.

Kylie (aka kylie2095)

EOR_bio_pics_KylieThe best part of 12WBT for me would have to be the support from my fellow 12WBTers! Without them I wouldn’t be where I am now with my health and fitness. I love them all! Also, the 12WBT daily app is awesome!

The most important thing I learnt on my 12WBT journey is to not compare my journey to anyone else’s and to trust the process! Everyone’s journey is different!

I know I’m doing 12WBT when I wake up sore from the day before’s Super Saturday session and I bust out a 10k run while having another 12WBTwe supporting me the whole time!

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