Tanya 12WBT Success Story

Number of Rounds: 1

Kilos Lost: 16 

Inspiration to Join 12WBT: 

Fed up with her excess kilos and lack of self belief, Tanya knew she had to do something, but she wasn’t sure what.  Hearing about 12WBT she thought what the heck, she’d give it a go. And she’s glad she did, losing 16 kilos in her very first Round!

Turning Point:

Midway through her first Round she heard a friend was battling cancer, so Tanya decided to turn her personal challenge into something greater than herself. She bit the bullet and signed up for the Tough Bloke obstacle course – something she never dreamt she could do – to raise money for her friend. She trained hard and despite suffering from vertigo, pushed herself through the course. Tanya was determined to succeed:  “I thought ‘I have a choice, I can get through this. My friend who’s going through chemotherapy doesn’t have a choice’”.  And succeed she did, raising a huge $26,000 for the family.

Biggest Motivator:

Tanya was spurred on by the knowledge that her hard work and training was not only benefiting herself, but also a family going through a really tough time. “The opportunity to not let the community down was a really big motivator, especially in the beginning when it was hard. “ She put her head down, trained like a demon, followed the Nutrition Plans and totally smashed it!

Tanya’s Top 12WBT Tip:

“I used to put a lot of mental barriers in front of myself that would block me. Once I freed myself of those, the nutrition and fitness followed. It’s opened me up to a new world.”

You can change your life in 12 weeks. Register your interest in the next 12 Week Body Transformation today!

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