The Dreaded Weigh-In: Emily’s 12WBT Journey

After giving birth to triplets,  mum of four and blogger at Zee + Three, Emily is ready to get her body back into shape. Join her as she shares her 12WBT journey…from triplets to terrific in 12 weeks! Read Part One.

Honestly, I was dreading this weigh-in! I had a bit of a blow out on Saturday. I didn’t just have a ‘cheat meal’, it was more like a ‘cheat day’! All because of a bad night with the triplets (I think I got three hours sleep the night before). It wasn’t like I ate McDonalds, but I kept eating (and drinking coffee) all day. I just needed fuel to keep functioning. I’m sure I was double my calorie allowance for the day!

I shouldn’t have been so worried, because when I jumped on the scales this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. I’m 2.5 kilos down in 2 weeks – which is right on target for my weight loss goals of reaching 55kilos. I’m currently sitting at 60.5kg – so only 5.5kg to go in the next 10 weeks. It’s totally achievable and I’m re-motivated and re-energised now that I’m starting to see results.

Usually, I would weigh myself daily when trying to lose weight, but I love that with 12WBT, we only weigh in each week, on Wednesday. Yes, it’s tempting to weigh in every day, but I feel great knowing that even though I had a blow-out one day, the other six days this week when I was focussed still made all the difference. I think if I had weighed myself on Sunday, I would have been disappointed.

I’ve also lost 2cm around my waist, which is my main problem area. I’ve never had a problem with weight on my legs or butt (I’m certainly no Kardashian!). Every ounce of fat tends to sit on my stomach and muffin top, and that combined with a post-pregnancy belly means I still look pregnant – three months on (which I keep getting reminded of by strangers every time I leave the house!). I got asked by my yoga instructor and again at the end of class by another lady, and then at the gym yesterday. Clearly I still have a fair bit of weight to loose around my mid-section.

What I’ve realised today is not to be so hard on myself. One bad day and 15 good days is actually really great. I also need to keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race. When I was younger, if I wanted to lose a few kilos, I would just cut back on eating and the weight would disappear quickly (and of course come back just as fast!) Now, I’m older (and hopefully a little bit wiser), I know that diets don’t work long-term. Sure, you can lose weight fast by cutting out food groups (hello No Sugar, No Carb and Paleo diets!) and slogging it at the gym, but most diets just aren’t sustainable.

Celebrating Wins & Learning Lessons

I’ve had a few wins, and a few lessons learnt this past two weeks.

My Wins:

  • I’m 2cm down around my waist, with 10cm to go
  • I’ve lost 2.5kgs and only have 5 .5kgs to go
  • I haven’t had a drop of soft drink in 18 days (this is huge for me!)
  • I’ve discovered some new favourite go-to breakfasts that I’ll keep eating long after this twelve weeks is over

In the first week, I managed to get to the gym three times – which was my goal, and twice in week two and a long walk with the babies. I’m on track to do three sessions this week too – and I’m starting to feel my fitness improve – even though I still feel like I’ve got a long way to go. It’s good to be reminded to take it slowly and ease myself back into it, after all I just carried three babies! It’s not a race to get my body back, but I feel good that I’m on the right track.

My Lessons:

  • Portion control (I’m so used to eating double sized portions, so retraining my body to eat proper sized meals is taking time)
  • Being more organised (making time to prep extra meals is SO important!)
  • Eating early on in the day (not letting it get to 2pm and realise I haven’t eaten and then eat twice as much!)
  • Cutting back on extra calories (Sometimes my one daily café latte turns into 3 – depending on how much sleep I had the night before!)

I haven’t been perfect, but that’s okay. It’s okay to slip up now and then, and as long as I’m ‘good’ 90% of the time, I’m still going to see results – this week has proven that.


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One thought on “The Dreaded Weigh-In: Emily’s 12WBT Journey

  1. Thank you I needed that. I think I’m being too hard on myself and then I just end up giving up all together. Thinking this is not going to work anyway. You’ve made me realise that going from zero workouts a week to six is unrealistic. Especially when I’m not even getting enough sleep. Thank you for making me realise that any change in the right direction is a good one and that it is possible. I only have one two year old. No more excuses. If you can do it I can too.

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