Lose weight and feel great this summer!

The weather is warming up and summer’s around the corner, but not everyone looks forward to the hot weather and holidays. If you are overweight, the whole thing can become more of a trial than a treat.

For starters, when you are carrying extra weight, the heat can make life uncomfortable. Then there’s the prospect of exposing more flesh than you’d like to around the pool – how many times have you tried to lose weight at the last minute to get into that bikini or those swimming shorts and ended up sweltering in a big t-shirt? It’s enough to send you running for cooler climates…

But this doesn’t have to be the case. You still have time to make a start with your weight loss, and if you make a commitment to make changes in your lifestyle, you can improve your health and fitness and make this year your best summer yet!


Any decent weight-loss programme will vouch for the importance of exercise in helping to get to grips with your weight. Being more active, more often helps you to maintain your healthier weight after you’ve slimmed down, too.

To make being active less of a chore and more of a hobby, look for enjoyable exercise programmes and equipment. Find out what classes or advice your local gym can offer, try out fitness DVDs at home, or buddy up with a friend and go walking or cycling together on a regular basis. And build more incidental activity into your life, like walking instead of driving to the local shop, getting busy in the garden or taking the dog out for longer walks.

Whatever you do, you need to be doing it for a minimum of 30 minutes at least five times a week, and at a level where you feel warmer and are breathing faster, but still able to hold a conversation.

As you get fitter and summer draws nearer, you can build up to longer, more vigorous workouts. Combine your exercise with a sensible eating plan, and you’ll be well on the way to having a body that you’re more relaxed about revealing by the time summer arrives.

So don’t miss out on enjoying your summer holiday because of your size. Instead of putting it off, take action now, visit and make this the year you succeed in creating a slimmer, healthier and more confident you!



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