4 Easy Ways to Workout at Home

Our trainers have modified some common strength training exercises, so instead of needing fancy gym equipment, you can use things you already have at home. Think a dining chair, hand towel and rice – yep, even rice!

Give our exercises a try the next time you want to break a sweat from the comfort of your living room. You’ll never look at the stuff around your home in the same way again.

1. Backpack lunges

  • Step 1: Find a comfortably-fitting backpack and weigh it down with some heavy household items
  • Step 2: Alternate left and right lunges with the backpack on your back!

2. Chair tricep dips

  • Step 1: Choose a stable, sturdy chair (a bench will also do)
  • Step 2: Start with bended legs and arms extended behind you, gripping the chair
  • Step 3: Bend elbows and lower hips in a tricep dip movement

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3. Towel pulls

  • Step 1: Grab a towel and find a strong anchor point, such as a tree branch
  • Step 2: Wrap the towel across the anchor point as if creating a grip
  • Step 3: Keeping your core tight, lean backwards using the towel as a grip and then pull forward

Exercising with Household Items 1200x900 Towel Pulls

4. Bottle bicep curl

  • Step 1: Make weights using two bottles filled with rice
  • Step 2: Stand tall in a neutral stance (feet slightly apart) and grab a bottle in each hand
  • Step 3: Raise and lower arms, making sure elbows are always pointing down

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  1. Traveled for 6 months in a caravan…no room for equipment. Did the program and in 12 weeks I lost 8 kilos (73 kilos to 65 kilos), dropped 4 dress sizes, completed my first 5k fun run in under an hour and my doctor cut my high blood pressure by half…no excuses, the program works!

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