FREE New Year’s Kickstarter Webinar with Michelle Bridges

It’s time to switch OFF ‘I can’t’ / ‘I’m too busy’ / ‘I’ll do it next year’ / ‘It’s too hard’ / ‘I’ll probably fail’ and switch ON ‘I can’ / ‘I matter’ / ‘I am in control’ / ‘I’ve got this’ / I deserve to’.

This exclusive FREE webinar led by Australian health and fitness celebrity expert, Michelle Bridges, shares ways to hit your 2023 goal with the original body transformation program!

Hear about:

  • Ways to invest in your health to make lasting lifestyle changes
  • What the 12WBT program entails and how it works
  • Different needs for different life stages – from those shifting into menopause to individuals seeking the right nutrition for losing weight or building muscle
  • Top tips for making a healthy start

To be still transforming lives today doesn’t come from 12 years of luck – for results that last, you need expertise, hard work and a deep understanding of how the mind, body and nutrition work together.

With her team of expert dietitians and fitness coaches, Michelle has helped over 400k people over the last 12 years transform their lives – that’s around 90 people a day!

Now it’s your turn. Make this YOUR YEAR to focus on YOUR HEALTH by joining my next Round. My team will be there to support you smash your goals!

Watch the webinar recording below:

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Last updated 19 January 2023.

Michelle Bridges is one of Australia’s most influential personal trainers, a best-selling fitness, nutrition and mindset author and a national commentator on health and wellness issues.

Best known as the former trainer on the The Biggest Loser, and co-founder and owner of the 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) program, Michelle is a sought after public speaker who is regularly engaged by corporations to speak on a variety of subjects including motivation, fitness, nutrition and exercise.

Her mission, through 12WBT, is to make it as easy as possible for Aussies to incorporate healthy change into their lifestyle and to be the best possible version of themselves.

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