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Let’s Talk Running! How Our Running Programs Can Help You

Whether you are learning to run for the very first time or you have your sights set on an up and coming event, 12WBT has the program for you! We offer 6 x Running Programs that include Learn to Run, 10km, 10km Advanced, Half Marathon, Half Marathon Advanced and Marathon. Each program can help you to achieve various goals and distances and train for events in both real time and virtually.

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Learn to Run Program (L2R)

Our Learn to Run Program is designed for beginners who have never learned to run or wish to start running from a low fitness level. It consists of 6 days per week training:

  • 3 running days including a Weekly Running Challenge
  • 2 toning days specifically targeting your running muscles, and
  • 1 core/stretch day with self-massage to aid in recovery. 

Our L2R Running Program (unlike our advanced Running Programs) does have a weight loss focus (members with 5 – 30kg of weight to lose) however due to the impactful nature of running, we do often recommend following one of our Weight Loss Fitness Programs first (Beginner). It is always going to be of greater benefit to your running, when you already have a fitness base and you’ve got less weight to lose. Keep in mind, the impact of frequent running can place more stress on your joints, potentially exposing you to injury.


Advanced Running Program

Our Advanced Running Programs will not only help you to achieve your best running results but they will also help best prepare you for real time or virtual events. They have been created to help you to cover a variety of running styles that include intervals (speed and hill); tempo, endurance running as well as a Weekly Running Test which will help track and monitor your progress over time. We then provide a complement to your training by way of strength and stability work and core/stretch training. The distances and times you run will gradually build over the 12 weeks, with the toning exercises progressively getting harder every 2 weeks. All of these components are designed to prevent injury.

While weight loss is possible in our Advanced Running Programs, it isn’t their primary focus. The calorie allowances are often higher to support a member with their training needs and the workouts all have running in mind and are less focused on burning calories. We’d always encourage you to follow the calorie recommendations for each program.

Mish Running With Members

Each of our Running Programs has a fact sheet which outlines a lot of key information including a prerequisite for each program. We’d also suggest you complete the Pre-Season Fitness Test which will help confirm you’re choosing the right program for you.

So, not only will our programs introduce you to the world of running, you’ll have all the tools you need to train for fitness events and long distances, plus you’ll be able to connect with our running community and make friends for life!



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