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Are You Making These 7 Common Daily Excuses?

We all know that “bad habits” and excuses are hard to break. They can decrease your quality of life, or just decrease your life-expectancy in general. So why do we entertain these bad habit gremlins? What are the most common and how do we overcome them?


Excuses are imagined, then expressed, then believed, then actioned and then, finally, repeated over and over until they form into unhelpful habits and toxic internal narratives. And they can take an enormous amount of mental and physical energy to reconvert. 

So, with that said, here are 7 common daily excuses you may have let slide into your inner dialogue, and some helpful remedial strategies to counterattack with.


It’s too hot/too cold/too wet/too smoky.

Yes, it is. Welcome to the new ‘normal’. Climate wise, we’re in for a bumpy ride moving forward, so don’t wait around for the next cooler/warmer/drier/clearer day. If you want to stay fit, strong and healthy, you need to adapt to survive.


  • Take your workout indoors to avoid the elements – gyms, pools, indoor courts or homes where you can regulate the temperature and breathe easy 
  • Print out workouts you can do from home, bookmark online workouts and arm yourself with a few exercise DVDs as a back-up
  • Teach yourself new ways to challenge mind and muscle when you’re stuck indoors – resistance band and body-weight exercises are excellent additions for your workout repertoire, and a challenging Sudoku puzzle takes you off the screens and into some serious mental gymnastics

‘NoMo’ for real.

Ahh… that old ‘motivation’ thing. Never present when you need it, it seems. This is BS of course because motivation and lack of it, doesn’t discriminate. It can go MIA even for pro athletes! So, I say that when the couch is the preferred option, work with it to avoid de-motivating yourself even further. Keep the telly on and in the ad breaks make the workout come to you!


  • Couch-adapted tricep dips, stand-ups/sit-downs, elevated hands OR feet push-ups, mountain climbers, pelvic floor squeezes can all be done right THERE! Our Exercise Index covers all these options and more, so get comfy and give it a go!

Sooooo damn busy!

Work. Family. Social life. Traffic. And the rest.

We get it – It’s all gone a bit nuts out there and spare time has become a bit of a luxury. Living in today’s society requires a constant reassessment of your priorities. But, keeping your well-being high on that priority list, permanently, will benefit all areas of your life.


  • When your window is small aim for quality, not quantity
  • Consider HIIT and metabolic training structures for efficiently effective workouts
  • Shoot for 3 challenging workouts each week instead of 4-6
  • Shorten the duration of your workouts and rest breaks but turn up the heat (without compromising form of course!), i.e. jump higher, lift heavier, run faster, push further! You can do it!!

I’m injured.

If you are unable to run, we have options for you. If you are unable to weight-bear, we have options for you. If you are unable to lift, we have options for you. If all you can manage is some belly breathing – we’ve got you covered too!

Don’t let an injury be the reason ALL your working parts de-condition. When you lead a full and active life, injuries will occur. This is why we have a ton of workarounds to get you back on the wagon ASAP.


But I don’t have…

…the gear, the equipment, a gym membership, a partner in crime, coffee? But you do have, presumably, a few functioning body parts with a safe space to throw them around in? Be grateful, be resourceful, “BE THE CHANGE”, and work with what you’ve got!


What. Am. I. Doing???

No friggin idea? No problem! Join 12WBT, join a sports club or gym, or participate in instructor-led group fitness classes. Hire a PT for one session or 20, and have them walk you through proper use of machines and safe execution of exercises. Search online for fitness workouts to follow from reputable fitness professionals. Join Park Run, take up Parkour, or trial an adults gymnastics class. There are so many options out there and guaranteed there’s one to suit you! Don’t stress that others might be judging you…everyone else is too caught up in dealing with their own head stuff – trust me!


Let’s do it, like, tomorrow!

And I quote: “Yesterday you said tomorrow.”

Nuff said, right?

That covers 7 common daily excuses that we hear frequently at 12WBT HQ. If, however, you’ve hit struggletown, have some excuses ‘outside the box’ and need a bigger nudge to overcome them, then take a moment to let this sink in.

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