How your next workout song could help boost your health

Whether you’re doing your own thing or joining a program like 12WBT, there is a simple ingredient that can help make exercise a whole lot easier, and that’s music!

Music can be used in any type of physical activity to help pump you up or chill you out, so bear this in mind when choosing what music to work out to.

Music to your ears: tunes that benefit for your health

Music activates the same feel good part of our brains that food does – hard to imagine but worth a try! If you feel hungry but have recently eaten, why not slip on your headphone? Try a quick walk round the block or dance round the living room to some of your favourite tunes.

If exercise is a completely new thing for you, building up the amount of time you are active for can be daunting.  Instead of watching the clock and counting the minutes, keep track of the number of songs you have listened to instead. Once you start to increase the intensity of your activity, you can increase the tempo of the music.

Music helps to break the monotony we can feel when running on a treadmill or riding a bike, it’s a welcome distraction and will help time fly by.

It’s pretty simple to put together a ‘playlist’ of your favourite tracks.  Your choice of music can span the eras, bringing back those special memories and giving you that feel good factor that will help motivate and inspire you through a work out.

A good tip is to put in a ‘power song’ every 3-4 tracks, this will help to combat any dips if you start to fade and help to push you on through that last kilometre or repetition.

Music can also be used to make everyday chores more interesting, along with the opportunity to burn a few extra calories.

You could pop on your headphones and zip around the house with the vacuum or why not enjoy the sunshine with some gardening and the radio for company.

Music can also be a great way to escape when you are focusing on losing weight. Sometimes when everything around you reminds you of food, using music to take your focus elsewhere can be a welcome distraction that might just stop you reaching for that biscuit tin.

What’s a favourite workout track on your playlist that gets you pumping? Let us know in the comments below.

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