5 Guilt-Free Takeaway Choices For a Friday Night

When taking care of your health and improving your nutrition, it doesn’t mean you need to avoid all takeaway meals! With the right strategies in place you can still order in.

Here are 3 top tips that will ensure you don’t overdo it:

  • Focus on boosting the amount of non-starchy vegetables in your take away options – aim for a half plate. Alternatively, add a side salad to go along with your meal to enhance the nutritional value.
  • Watch your portions – if there is an option to ‘supersize’, decline!
  • Don’t forget to eat slowly. It takes 20 mins for the body to register ‘fullness’, so slow down and savour your take away meal. Sip water as you eat, put down your cutlery between bites and make conversation with those at the dinner table.

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Here are 5 options that you can enjoy:


Yes, you can still order pasta and pizza! With pizza, the key is to avoid ones laden with meat and no veg, as well as thick crusts pumped full of cheese. You can enjoy 2-3 slices of thin crust pizza (opt for a Tandoori Chicken or Vegetarian style) and serve with a simple side of homemade salad. If pasta is your go-to, avoid any cream based sauces and go for options such as marinara or napoletana based. You can often ask for an entrée sized which will help reduce the calories and get a side salad to go with it.


Japanese food is so delicious! Sushi and sashimi are one of the best choices, being low in saturated fat and can be made with a variety of healthy fillings. Try to avoid sushi with fried fillings and go for raw and fresh ones instead. Avoid the temptation of drowning your sushi and sashimi in soy sauce as it’s extremely high in sodium. Other good choices include udon noodle soups, tataki beef, teppanyaki grilled meats, steamed vegetables and edamame.


Unfortunately Mongolian lamb and sweet and sour pork are off the menu! However, any steamed fish dish with mixed vegetables and rice is a great choice or stir fries made with prawns, chicken or beef with lots of vegetables. Try to chose those served with some steamed rice instead of noodles. Need an entree? Opt for steamed dumplings. Just make sure you don’t go crazy – only have 1 or 2!


Who doesn’t love Thai take-away? The key is to keep it simple: half a plate of steamed greens, a palm sized portion of protein and a small scoop of rice. Simple and delicious! Thai beef salad and Tom Yum soup are great options. Other stir fries with lean protein such as prawn, beef, chicken or fresh tofu and mixed vegetables are also good choices, just avoid the deep fried and sticky sauces.


Pho soup is a great choice, especially if the added meat used is lean. Packed with fresh herbs and vegetables, this is a great take away option. Rice paper rolls are another good choice (prawn, vegetable, chicken or tofu are best).


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