Five Steps To Stay On Track This Silly Season

It’s that time of year where celebrations and parties start to fill up the weekly calendar. Work Christmas parties, reunions, family gatherings and end of year celebrations are such joyful occasions – and they are often coupled with fabulous food and more alcohol than usual. If you are watching your weight or trying to improve your health, it’s important to enter the party season with a plan. After all, the endless trays of drinks and party buffets can be all too tempting! Here are my top five tips for managing those party buffets and trays of drinks… and it’s all about the rule of ones.

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Lisa’s Five Rules of ‘Ones’

1. One Party Each Week

This doesn’t mean you can only attend one party each week, it simply means plan to enjoy a few drinks and a few extra nibbles at just one party each week. On the other occasions be smart about your alcohol intake and do not arrive at a party ravenously hungry!

2. One Plate

If you are off to a party with a delicious buffet, don’t fall into the trap of reloading a little plate multiple times. There is science to show that a larger plate with a generous serve of healthy food will feel more satisfying than that one little plate you keep reloading. So stick with one plate and make smart selections. Aim to make half your plate plant-based food (salad and vegetables).

3. One Drink, One Water

If you do decide to drink alcohol, slow down your pace and remain hydrated by alternating one drink with one water. Your head will thank you the next day.

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4. One Dessert

If you are at a party and the focus is desserts, it’s best to choose one dessert you REALLY want to have and truly savour and enjoy it. If you choose the fruit salad and you really want the crème brulee, have the crème brûlée! Eat it slowly and stop when you are satisfied.

5. One Day of Rest

It’s important that you look after yourself and allow yourself to have a day that is restful and rejuvenating. Allow yourself a sleep in, a yoga class, time to read a book or perhaps have a long bath. Allow one day each week to recharge and relax.

Bottom line is, there’s no reason for you to avoid the party season and go into hibernation. It’s a wonderful time to be social and to connect with people in your life. With forward planning and a clear strategy before you attend each party, you will get through all celebrations feeling your absolute best!

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