Everything You Need to Know About AMRAPs

In this series we look at some of the most effective training styles to spice up your workouts, including some free workouts for you to download and try!

Variety is the spice of your exercise life!

It seems there’s a new training style popping up almost weekly, and that is because effective training requires mixing things up. The more used to an activity the body is, the harder it becomes to push those boundaries.

Enter the acronyms! Below is the first training style of our three part series. Have you tried AMRAPs?


The Crossfit craze brought this little puppy into the spotlight.  AMRAP can stand for two things: As Many Reps As Possible. OR As Many Rounds as Possible.

As Many Reps As Possible:

Pick an exercise, any exercise. Now pick a timeframe, any timeframe. There’s your AMRAP:

EG: 2 minutes of pushups. Count the reps for two minutes and try to beat your score next time.

As Many Rounds as Possible:

Pick a bunch of exercises, any exercises and corresponding repetitions. Now pick a timeframe, any timeframe. Theres your AMRAP. It could look like this:


Pushups – 12

Squat jumps – 12

Mountain climbers – 12

Complete the above AMRAP for two minutes and record how many rounds plus reps you got through.


  • Works for any fitness level: An elite and beginner could train side by side, and both have a great workout (providing the exercises given suit both levels). The elite may perform many more reps or rounds, but when the clock stops, both have pushed themselves appropriately and the beginner is not left finishing all by themselves.
  • Intensity: AMRAPS encourage intensity. It’s you against the clock (and some mates ideally!) which should motivate you to push that little bit harder than a simple circuit or set.
  • Fast: They are a great calorie booster as you rest less, move faster and have to keep pushing even when fatigue sets in.
  • Finite: Because AMRAPS are time based, mentally they are quite manageable. You know you’ve only got X minutes of effort (or pain!) in front of you.
  • Repeatable: One of the great things about AMRAPS is you can repeat and beat your score. Record your results and set yourself a challenge to beat them next time.

Be careful of:

  • Technique: When you’re ‘on the clock’ you may be tempted to compromise your form. Not squat deep enough, not throw that wall ball high enough. Be sure to maintain good form, even if it’s ‘fast form.’
  • Losing count: A post it note or chalk nearby might be a good idea to keep track. Why is it that the brain won’t compute when under pressure!
  • Injury: Like any workout where you up the intensity, be wary of accidents such as strains, sprains or tripping over equipment (and shoe laces!).

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