10 New Years Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To

2020 is almost here! The new year is a wonderful time to focus on making positive changes to your life – no matter how small, they all add up. We asked our Support Crew for some of their favourite ways to make small but significant changes to their lifestyles.

Here are their top tips – try to incorporate a couple into your daily life!

Support Crew’s Tips for a Healthy 2020

Erica, 12WBT Dietitian

  • Replace soft drinks/cordials/juices with water. Cold turkey or a gradual reduction – chances are, after a few weeks, you won’t miss it at all
  • Say one fabulous thing to yourself each day. So often we feel like we need to punish ourselves for where we are today, when what is really going to help us reach our goals is a little bit of extra love for ourselves. Examples “I’m feeling strong today” “I am beautiful” “I am capable of anything” “My body is amazing”.

Chooky, 12WBT Support Crew

  • Schedule screen ‘log-off’ times each evening before bed
  • Never leave home without a hangry-busting banana!

Gabi, 12WBT Support Crew Team Leader

  • Book supermarket shopping into your diary (or book online supermarket shopping) as a recurring event/appointment.
  • Buy a heap of containers to freeze meals into and every time you have 5 free containers, you know it’s time to do another bulk cook up
  • Book bulk cook ups sessions as a weekly recurring appointment in your diary
  • Have an emergency food drawer at work with tinned tuna, four bean mix, popping corn, corn/rice thins.  So you are never caught short/out.

Dane, 12WBT Support Crew

  • Aim to drink more water
  • Get into bed earlier, turn off all electronics and read to relax!

What are your resolutions for 2020? Share below!

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