10 Quirky Members’ Hacks for Staying on Track

Staying motivated and on-track takes discipline, motivation and…some quirky strategies!

We asked 12WBT’s December Round Winners, who have all smashed their goals and inspired their teammates, for their motivation hacks.


I didn’t feel ready to give up my Netflix addiction, so now I watch an episode of a TV show while I walk laps of the kitchen bench! This really helps to get my step count up, as well as alleviating the guilt associated with watching telly.


Everyday after morning school drop off I would go straight to the park to do either a run or walk. I have made this part of my daily routine and it stops me from procrastinating or making excuses. I’ve discovered doing this has worked tremendously, and most of the time I just do it without even thinking about it.


I could drink five litres of water a day at work, but once I’m home I want something different, so I put a tiny drop of sugar free cordial in a wine glass and pretend I’m being fancy!


If I’m hungry after dinner I’ll go to bed early – simple!


I always have clothes that fit snugly, nothing loose, no room to grow!


I make my bed every morning (or afternoon depending what shift I’m on).

I never knew something so simple would help my mindset. I treated it as a type of discipline that I was going to carry with me throughout the day, reminding myself why I was making the bed helped remind me what all the hard work was going to achieve.


I have found a personal trainer who also runs small group training. I work out twice a week one-to-one and attend four group sessions. My tip? Surround yourself with like-minded people. We make a commitment to be there for ourselves, and each other. Find what you enjoy and you will stick at it.


I felt great when I would use up every vegetable in the house – no veggie wastage – in a dish I got off the recipes and tweaked to suit my needs.


When I feel lousy about myself, which doesn’t happen too often, I just look at myself in the mirror. I marvel at the things my body has been through and the things it does despite all the mistreatment. I thank my body for doing all that it does to help me keep alive and well.


Be organised. Find a healthy meal that you enjoy eating and is easy to prepare that you can have on hand if needed. Mine is the satay egg on corn thins – so yummy, I could eat this every day!

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