Mish Says Motivation is a Total CROCK

Ditch The Motivation

Mish’s view on motivation is clear! She says “Motivation’s like a bad boyfriend – never there when you need it!”. And she is totally right. People think they have to be motivated to exercise. We’re not motivated to wash our car, brush our teeth or put our clothes away are we? But these are things we just get on with. And working out can become one of them!

Consistency is Key

So instead of motivation, what have you got? CONSISTENCY. Just turning up is half the battle, even in the wee hours when you’d love to hit snooze. Mish’s 10 minute rule is something a lot of us live by – we think of it as an ace up our sleeve when we need it. Mish explains, “Give yourself a get out of jail free card – start doing something active and if you still don’t feel like it after 10 minutes you can stop. Chances are you’ll finish what you’ve started.”

Find Activities You Like

Maybe it’s dancing, trapeze, netball, swimming – whatever it is that gets you going, do it! Mish says, “If the thought of going to the gym makes your stomach turn, look for things that don’t feel like formal exercise. Some might play cricket with their mates in the backyard, or go for a bike ride.”

Get Up Early

The early bird definitely gets the exercise worm! Mish is all about working out in the morning, “to get the monkey off my back” and get your workout done without distractions. Need more convincing? We have 10 more reasons why exercising in the morning is awesome. Get a friend, family member or neighbor involved too. “Definitely have someone to do it with – it could be a friend or a family member. And if a gossip session helps pass the time, and makes it more enjoyable, then go for it!”, says MIsh.

Don’t Go Crazy

Be gentle on yourself! Instead of going at it on the treadmill like a maniac, choose a class or a fun run to get you started. Remember, these are habits to build for life, not a month and then burn out. Says Mish: “You don’t have to train until you puke! That’s what turns people off. You don’t have to be the fastest or the best. You don’t have to train like an athlete or push the boundaries. You can do that once you’ve got your groove.” So take the pressure off yourself – you don’t have to be number one tomorrow! Simple make small, positive steps to be the healthier version of you.

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