3 Five-Minute Dinner Ideas

Let me paint the picture: it’s dinnertime, you’re starving, the kids are starving (and let you know it every two seconds), you’re not home yet and, worst of all, haven’t even started dinner preparations.

Best laid plans, eh?

I like to keep a couple of meal ideas up my sleeve for moments just like this. Recipes that allow you to whip them up in the time it takes for the kids to get cleaned up, help set the table and be sitting down to eat.

My assumption for the following meals is that you have some basic staples and possibly some leftovers to throw together.

I find over time I have much less wastage, as any leftover meat I portion and freeze for moments just like this.

Dinner option one: omelette

They are a great protein source, cheap and simple to whip up into many different combinations.

For a dinner option I usually use a combination of a couple of the below (depends what is in my fridge/ freezer):

  • Eggs: Multiply by the number of members eating and beat with a splash of milk
  • Vegetables: Tomato, spring onion, capsicum, baby spinach, sweet corn or cooked potato
  • Cheese: Parmesan, feta, ricotta, cheddar or goats cheese
  • Meat: Not always added, but if you have leftover meat, shred and use. Ham also works well.
  • Seasoning: Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve on its own, topped with rocket or alfalfa sprouts for crunch, or with a slice of avocado-covered wholegrain toast.

Dinner option two: wraps

My kids love the idea of creating their own meal!

In the short time I have to get things prepared, I get out the wraps (I have an assortment of gluten-free and multigrain) and in a few bowls I shred:

  • Lettuce
  • Grated carrot
  • Mashed-up avocado
  • Corn (run frozen corn under hot water to soften)
  • Four bean mix
  • Cheese
  • Natural yoghurt or low-fat sour cream
  • Condiments like sweet chilli or chutney
  • Leftover meat

Tip:Consider wrapping the ‘wraps’ in a little aluminium foil to keep them together!

Dinner option three: pasta with veggies

The finer the pasta, the quicker it cooks; my kids love the super-thin angel hair pasta. You can buy wholegrain and the bonus is it takes only three to five minutes to cook.

Throw in some frozen vegetables tossed with a little oil (or even mashed avocado), some cheese, and season to taste.

To top up the protein add in some beans, pre-cooked meat or even a fried egg. This simple dish quickly satisfies a hungry stomach.

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