6 Common Calorie Mistakes You’re Making Everyday

Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

When it comes to managing your weight, whether it’s losing it or keeping it consistent, it’s the little dietary mistakes that add up.

That extra coffee in the afternoon with a sugar, or the second glass of wine with dinner – they seem innocuous, but over time the calories add up.

On the flipside, eliminating these mistakes will make the world of difference to your progress.

So, if you’re struggling to shift that last five kilos, it could be down to any number of these no-no’s!

1. Adding sugar to your tea and coffee

It may only be a teaspoon here or there, but trust us when we say it adds up! See if you can wean yourself off the sugary stuff in your hot drinks.

2. Skipping breakfast

This comes down to the simple fact that if you skip breakfast, you’re more likely to make unhealthy choices later in the day. Keep those energy levels stabilised with a bowl of low-GI oats or protein-rich eggs.

3. Always eating a big dessert

This depends, of course, on the type of dessert you’re consuming. If it’s a piece of delicious fruit, slice of yummy cheese, two squares of dark chocolate or a bit of natural Greek yoghurt, great! However, if it’s a big bowl if ice cream you’re going to rack up those calories.

We’re all creatures of habit. If you train yourself to only expect dessert on occasions, it will make it much easier.

4. Drinking alcohol regularly

We’re not talking the occasional glass of wine in the evenings. If you’re consuming over the recommended weekly amount, or if your drinks are sugary cocktails, you’ll definitely be superseding your limit.

Click here to see just how many calories you’re consuming with alcohol.

5. Finishing off the kids’ meals

Yep, this is a total calorie trap! Those little uneaten portions that look delicious, and fill a hunger need before dinner, can quickly push you over your daily calorie allowance.

If the food will keep, save it, otherwise examine how big the kids’ portions are, and if it’s too much for them, make it smaller to eliminate leftovers.

6. Being careless with portion sizes

This is a very easy thing to do. You may baulk at the idea of measuring your portions, and that’s fair enough for some, however being mindful of the right portions goes a long way.

Filling up a plate by sight (and how hungry you are!) is a known trap. Click here for a guide to the right portion sizes.

Is the thought of eliminating these mistakes easier than actually doing so? Take a look at the 12WBT homepage to become the best version of yourself today!

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