Egg-cellent Easter Craft

Who says Easter has to be all about chocolate? This craft activity for kids is all about sweetness and fun but NOT about sugar!

Chocolate is everywhere at this time of the year. It can be hard to get through a supermarket checkout without kids (and adults!) being tempted by all those shiny wrappers. Easter should not be an excuse for a chocolate free-for-all, but that doesn’t mean it has to be no fun.

This easy Easter craft project is a great way to involve your kids in the atmosphere without all the sugar and fat. Make, decorate and hide these papier-mâché eggs in the garden for a guilt-free egg hunt or give them to friends and family as a small surprise.

We have also put together this cute bonus PDF of the project so you can print it out and have it next to you while you craft.

Egg-cellent Easter Craft

Estimated Time:
30-60 minutes (depending on how detailed your painting is in Step 9).
Plus you need to leave it overnight to dry.

Filling materialsMaterials for egg
You Will Need

  • Thin strips of newspaper
  • Poster glue powder (find it in hardware stores)
  • Coloured acrylic paints
  • A wide paintbrush (for the glue)
  • Small thin paintbrushes (for decorating)
  • Scissors
  • Balloons
  • Plastic tub (for mixing glue)
  • Glass or cup
  • Surprise filling for the egg (we used metallic streamers, fuzzy Easter chicks, confetti, and streamers)

Step 1 


Mix the poster glue powder in the plastic tub using the instructions on the packet. When not in use, cover the tub with cling wrap to keep the glue fresh.

Step 2



Blow up the balloon until it is approximately the size of a grapefruit. Sit the balloon, tie side down in the glass or cup. You will use this to hold the balloon throughout the paper mache process.

Step 3



Cut thin, short strips from old newspaper pages. Use the wide brush to gently paint glue onto the balloon, then paste down a strip of newspaper. Paint glue on top of the strip until it is see through. Repeat this with more strips of newspaper, pasting in an even pattern until newspaper completely covers the balloon.

Step 4



Build up the strips until you have pasted 2-3 layers. After each layer is pasted, change the direction of the strips. Leave the pasted balloon to dry for a day or overnight. Flip the balloon over halfway through drying so the underside can dry.

Step 5



When completely dry, use a pin to deflate the balloon. The deflated balloon leaves a hole in the egg. After the balloon has completely deflated, gently peel it away from the inside of the egg, being careful not to dent or crush the egg. Discard the balloon.

Step 6






Stuff the egg with festive fillings like streamers, confetti, and trinkets. You could even use tiny wrapped lollies – in moderation!

Step 7



Gently paint more glue around the edge of the hole in the egg, being careful not to dent it. Paste a layer or two of newspaper strips over the hole to seal it.

Step 8



Using acrylic paint in a colour of your choice, cover the egg in a base layer of paint. When the paint is dry, paint another layer on so you can’t see the newspaper underneath. Let this layer dry.

Step 9



Decorate the egg with colourful patterns. Try zigzags, polka dots or stripes. The kids could even write their names on their eggs, or the names of loved ones to give as gifts.



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