Meet our Amazing May End of Round Winners

Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

We’re constantly blown away by the dedication, resilience and strength of our amazing members.

It’s not easy to transform your life. A lot of habits and thought patterns seem impossible to break – however, it can be done.

We asked our May Round Winners – who all exceeded their own expectations – on how they stay motivated and on track while changing their lives.



I have always been strong – when I set my mind to something I do it – but now I feel like I have the added strength to combat those negotiations that go on in your head and to just not listen any more.”


This round I really embraced positive mantras. I find ‘I can be disciplined’ and ‘I’m not a quitter’ really helpful. 

I also learnt to be very resilient and adaptable this round, I have 2 young children and my family was continuously getting viruses. I had to adapt my training to the days that suited me and just keep going when times got really hard. I’m slowly learning to love my body and knowing my body can be strong has helped with my self-esteem.”

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I keep my IVF bill with me. Knowing how much it costs for us to try for another baby keeps me motivated to get into the best physical and mental state that I can. Being fit and healthy in body and mind increases the chances of the IVF working.”



“When I’m doing something physically challenging, such as hill sprints, smashing out my fitness test, burpees on the beach, a heavy lift at the gym – I visualise the muscles doing their work, strong, in good form and just pushing through, I say to myself, ‘don’t stop, keep going!'”


“[My tip is] regularly taking photos of my meals and sharing it with a friend who is also doing 12WBT. It’s fun but also increases your accountability. It’s also a good way to share inspiration and cooking tips if you are cooking different things!”



Find the equivalent of your favourite foods amongst the 12WBT recipes. I love Indian curries and spaghetti bolognese. I found so many 12WBT recipes that I could eat, enjoy and not be eating excessive calories – with a sensible serve! Also, I love tiramisu, and I was so overjoyed to stumble across it in the recipe index in the final week.”


Start growing your own herb and veggie garden!”


As a tradie I wouldn’t often mind a cold refreshing beer in the afternoons, so instead I would have sparkling mineral water with fresh lemon and lime. Was equally refreshing and so much better for me!”


When I started 12WBT I had a bit of a sweet tooth. I had to break out of the habit of having dessert every night. I found that if I had a cup of vanilla, honey and camomile tea after dinner, it took the craving for sweets away completely!”

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